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Precautions for filigree plate making

release date: Source: China paper

in the packaging and printing industry, a variety of filigree plate technologies are often used. Today, China paper will introduce several issues that need attention in detail from the relevant content

1. Frame:

the ideal frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is refined, smooth and not twisted

2. Silk:

polyester silk is better because of its stable tension. The silk should be moderate in thickness and thickness. If it is too thin, the tension is poor and it is not tight; Too thick, small holes, and insufficient opening rate will affect the ink permeability. Plain weave single silk, the warp and weft samples bear normal stress, the silk thread is uniform, and the hole size is consistent. Colored silk is better than white. Stretching with colored silk can prevent random reflection

3. Tension:

if possible, use a tension machine to tension and measure with a tensiometer to ensure that the tension of the four plates is consistent

manual stretching can also meet the required requirements. However, we should adopt the overturning and bonding method, and use the manual pulling collet to stretch the version with vertical longitude and latitude and consistent tension. No matter what method is adopted, it cannot be stretched very tight at one time. Incremental stretching method should be adopted to make the wire have a certain stretching process to ensure the stability of its tension

4. Requirements for photosensitive adhesive:

choose high-quality water-resistant diazo photosensitive adhesive. Gelatin, perchloroethylene, tri nylon and other photosensitive adhesives are not suitable for making color tone printing plates. Generally, the color block overprint plate adopts domestic photosensitive adhesive, and the exposure time is about 4-8min, while the exposure time of the gradient printing plate is ultraviolet light, and the exposure time is 15-20s. 40w10 fluorescent tubes are usually used to lock the screws with the set torque, and the exposure time is only 50-70s. The photosensitive adhesive with poor photosensitivity and weak adhesion cannot be crosslinked and cured in this short time, not degummed, It is not easy to develop or point out incompletely

the use of water-resistant diazo photosensitive adhesive has the following characteristics:

(1) the liquid of the adhesive before purchase is milky white fish: after adding photosensitizer, it appears light yellow croaker, after exposure, it appears light purple, with high transparency, which is easy to align or adjust during printing

(2) fine colloid: it has strong adhesion to silk. Generally, it only needs to be coated once for both sides, and it does not need to be coated repeatedly after drying

(3) high photosensitivity: the tolerance of exposure time is large. It is easy to develop by soaking in iodine gallium lamp and water for 3-5min. The point is bright, clean and clear. After the second exposure, the printing resistance will be improved

5. Exposure and development:

the positioning card corresponding to the printing table shall be installed on the exposure table, and the position shall be fixed without error. During exposure, the drug film of the positive color separations faces the photosensitive adhesive surface of the film plate, and is pressed firmly to ensure that the photosensitive film plate and the negative film are close to the exposure glass without any gap

the exposure time depends on the sensitivity of the photoresist and the light source. Generally, the UV exposure is controlled within 15-20s. Use 40w10 fluorescent tubes to control the exposure at 50-60s, and the magenta, yellow and cyan versions at 70-75s

soak in clear water for 3-5min, that is, you can use a sponge to gently wipe or spray with water for development. After the second exposure after drying, the photosensitive adhesive is further crosslinked and solidified to improve the printing resistance

experience has proved that the adding angle of the yellow version is 90 °, and moire is easy to appear, but this does not affect the printing effect. Because the yellow version is light color, it is printed first, and the moire will be naturally eliminated after the subsequent three versions are overprinted

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