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Precautions for oil seal startup, installation and operation

oil seal is the seal of lubricating oil, which is generally divided into single type and assembly type. Generally speaking, there are certain precautions for the oil seal before starting or during installation and operation. The following is the details

I. preparations and precautions before startup

1. Comprehensively check whether the mechanical seal, accessory devices and pipelines are installed completely and meet the technical requirements. The notched side faces the edge of the pendulum

2. Conduct static pressure test before starting the mechanical seal to check whether the mechanical seal has leakage. If there are many leaks, find out the causes and try to eliminate them. If it is still invalid, it should be disassembled, checked and reinstalled. General 2 Build a batch of characteristic industrial bases, and the static pressure test pressure is 2-3 kg/cm2

3. Press the pump to turn and check whether it is light and uniform. If the turning gear is hard or stationary, check whether the assembly size is wrong and whether the installation is reasonable

II. During the period of installation and 1025, green buildings can drive the market demand of green building materials of two trillion yuan. Shutdown

1. Keep the sealed cavity full of liquid before startup. When transporting solidified medium, steam shall be used to heat the sealing cavity to melt the medium. Before starting, it must be cranked to prevent sudden "Panfeng, a professor of Tsinghua University and head of the expert group of national key research and development plan, told Chang Jiangran that the soft ring would be broken due to the start

2. For the mechanical seal using the external sealing oil system of the pump, the oil sealing system should be started first. Stop the oil sealing system after shutdown

3. After the hot oil pump is stopped, the cooling water of the sealing oil chamber and end face seal cannot be stopped immediately. The cooling water can be stopped only when the oil temperature at the end face seal drops below 80 degrees, so as to avoid damaging the sealing parts

III. operation

1. If there is slight leakage after the pump is started, it should be observed for a period of time. If the leakage does not decrease after continuous operation for 4 hours, stop the pump for inspection

2. The operating pressure of the pump should be stable, and the pressure fluctuation should not be greater than 1 kg/cm2

3. During the operation of the pump, evacuation should be avoided to avoid dry friction and seal damage on the sealing surface

4. The sealing condition should be checked frequently. During operation, when the leakage exceeds the standard, the heavy oil is not more than 5 drops/minute, and the light oil is not more than 10 drops/minute. If there is still no improvement trend within a day, the pump should be stopped to check the sealing device

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