Precautions for the unloading of the hottest methy

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Precautions for methyl styrene unloading

1. Make preparations after receiving the unloading notice

2. Carefully check whether the relevant pipelines and valves are normal according to the work ticket before operation

3 the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong also hopes that the Legislative Council can pass the General Election Bill, technicians will determine the process according to the type of products installed, and inform workers to correct the change

(II) unloading operation

1. During the operation, the dispatcher should master the unloading speed at any time and keep in touch with the ship in the tank farm. Beware of cans, spills and leaks

2. Operators should strengthen patrol inspection, and dock personnel must stick to their posts. If any abnormality is found, report it in time and take effective preventive measures in recycling, regeneration and modification

3. After the operation, clean the materials in the hose, clean and keep records

(III) safety precautions

1. Operators must wear chemical protective overalls, safety helmets, plastic impregnated gloves, and filtered gas masks. Only protective articles such as protective glasses can work

2. The operation site should be equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus, fire fighting equipment (foam extinguisher) and tools to remove leakage due to small experimental force

3. Operators should stand at the upper air outlet to prevent the inhalation of toxic gas a

4. The operation site should be well checked. No irrelevant personnel and vehicles are allowed to enter, no open fire operation, no kindling, and do a good job of electrostatic conduction

5. In case of accidental splashing on the skin and eyes, rinse immediately with running water. Inhalation or ingestion should be immediately evacuated from the scene and sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment

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