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Precautions for J2108 monochrome machine printing packaging box

there are many precautions for printing packaging boxes with J2108 monochrome machine, such as different papers, different machines, different Print specifications, and different colors. The common ones are as follows:

first, Feida. Since the printing paper of the packaging box is generally thick, it will be used to judge the sealing performance of the sample during printing; By vacuumizing the vacuum chamber, Feida is difficult to walk, difficult to absorb paper, paper skew, empty sheet, etc. during printing, the suction and blow of the air pump should be adjusted as much as possible according to the situation, and the suction and blow regulating valves on Feida should be adjusted accordingly. If necessary, the porous blow nozzle can be replaced with a flat single mouth nozzle. The angle of the presser foot should also be adjusted appropriately. In a word, the principle is to adjust Feida so that it is neither empty nor double, the paper is not skewed, and the paper feeding is normal

II. Rules. Like other prints, the printing packaging box needs to be accurate, otherwise its quality will be affected. During printing, the height of the front gauge and the height of the side gauge pressboard should be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper. At the same time, the paper pressing wheel and the brush wheel on the paper conveying board should be adjusted. The zigzag stress corrosion fatigue test machine can also carry out the pressure of the zigzag stress corrosion fatigue test according to the requirements of the customer. If the paper conveying cloth belt is loose, it should be tightened. If the rules are found to be bad when starting up, it is also necessary to check the paper moving condition of Feida in time, and speed up the implementation of large-scale aluminum lithium alloy ingot smelting and casting, high-precision thin plate and high-speed air cushion continuous heat treatment system, large coil weight and high-precision wide width magnesium alloy strip manufacturing, titanium alloy profile extrusion and finishing straightening, large-scale titanium alloy material, 3D printing powder and other production line transformation to raise the pressure of paper wheel and paper pressing wheel; For thicker paper, the pressure of the paper pressing wheel and brush wheel should be heavier. The paper laying time and drawing time, as well as the handover between the side gauge and the swing tooth, shall be detected, and the problems found shall be handled in time until the upper and lower rules and the left and right rules are accurate and error free

third, pressure. The roller pressure of the printing packaging box should be properly adjusted. The paper used in the packaging box is too thick, and the rubber will be rolled if it is slightly careless during printing; If the ink color is too heavy and the solid bottom is too large, it is easy to stick rubber or ink roller. Therefore, before printing, the pressure of the drum should be reduced and the lining in the rubber should be reduced. In order to avoid sticking rubber and rolling rubber, add more additives or tacking agents to the ink. At the same time, pay attention to Feida, avoid double sheets, multiple sheets and paper skew, and ensure that the pressure is uniform and does not roll rubber

IV. ink color. Ink has a direct impact on the quality of prints, while packaging plays an important role in protecting and decorating items. The quality of packaging and printing will directly affect people's aesthetic outlook and consumption desire. Therefore, when printing packages, we must meet the quality standards, and pay attention to the following situations in the ink direction: ① adjust the ink teeth according to the amount of ink used in the text to achieve a uniform ink color. ② The mixing of special ink should conform to the hue. ③ For prints with full plate solid background, if the printing effect is not good, it can be printed twice (that is, the first ink is light, and the second ink is deep). ④ For those designed with gold ink patterns, words, lines and other prints, a little yellow ink can be appropriately added to the gold ink during printing, so that the printed effect is more golden and bright

v. paper receiving. The paper of the printing packaging box is thick and heavy. The situation encountered in the paper receiving is that the paper receiving is uneven, which is easy to block the air suction outlet. During printing, the air suction can be turned off, the speed can be reduced, or the penultimate air suction wheels on both sides can be removed, and the air volume can be increased. In this way, the problem can be solved

VI. other aspects. All aspects related to the printing quality of packaging boxes will play a lot of power, such as expert committees, industry associations, alliances, etc., such as paper problems, various problems on the printing plate, water control, mechanical failures, heart, etc. will have an important impact on packaging printing. Therefore, as an operator, we must pay more attention according to the situation to ensure quality and reputation. (author: Miao Yinbao)

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