Precautions for the safety of the hottest concrete

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Precautions for concrete pouring safety

1 There shall be no obstacles on the passage for moving the reinforcement cage. When transporting the reinforcement cage by multiple people, the lifting action of lifting and dropping the bars must be coordinated, and the ropes and bars used must be safe and reliable

2. When hoisting the reinforcement cage, the connection between the hook and the cage should be safe and reliable

3. Lift the reinforcement cage 2 The data of the commercial test object of the safety rope static load tensile testing machine "super material" - graphene: before the user sets all the test object data holes, he should first check and clean up the sundries, tools and other objects near the hole. During the lifting process, the reinforcement cage should not touch or hang cables and other objects and equipment. No one is allowed to stand within the bending range of the reinforcement cage

4. When placing the reinforcement cage into the hole, it must be lifted straight and upright. The hole opening operators should stand on the clean, clean and muddy ground for operation, and the cage lowering action should be slow and stable. When the cage is blocked, the reason why the reinforcement cage is blocked should be found out. It is forbidden for operators to step on the reinforcement cage to pressurize or blindly use other pressurization methods to forcibly press the reinforcement cage. It is also not allowed to lift the reinforcement cage back and blindly rush down, smash or pier

5. Industry insiders commented that when manually handling grouting pipes, wooden bars (more than 1.2m in length) should be inserted into 2, but the minimum width should not be less than 70mm/3, which should be carried by hand. It is forbidden to use a metal rod (pipe) to insert into the pipe for operation and lifting tools, and it is forbidden to put it on the shoulder for lifting

6. Before placing the grouting pipe, lay the protective floor around the orifice first, and carefully check whether the joint threads of the grouting pipe are intact, clean and oiled

7. When lifting the grouting pipe, it is forbidden for the pipe supporting personnel to touch the bottom end of the pipe orifice with their hands. The operation of the elevator should be stable to prevent the pipe from swinging and injuring people

8. When the tremie is blocked on the way, it is necessary to identify the reason for the obstruction and prevent the tremie from sinking suddenly and hurting people occasionally blocked by the reinforcement cage stirrup. When lifting the pipe to rotate, it is forbidden to rotate in the opposite direction

9. The weight of concrete poured into the storage hopper shall not exceed the allowable load of the storage hopper beam, lifting rope U-ring, equipment, etc

10. When the storage hopper is hoisted for operation, no one is allowed to stand under it. The operators shall not directly support the hopper by hand, but can only stabilize the hopper with a pull rope

11. During the grouting process, the operators of elevators and cranes must closely cooperate with the personnel on the orifice tower and operate according to the instructions of the orifice operators. The operation action should be stable and accurate

12. When lifting and shaking the tremie up and down, no one is allowed to stand under the funnel, and it is strictly prohibited for operators to stand above the funnel to observe the concrete drainage

13. When measuring the sediment thickness and pouring height, other operations shall be stopped at the orifice

after the completion of pouring, the following work should be done carefully:

1. For the pile hole orifice lower than the site ground elevation, measures should be taken to backfill in time. If it cannot be backfilled in time, it should be covered with protective railings and warning signs

2. the hopper should be put back to the ground. If it needs to be pulled to the tower for parking, the elevator hanging the hopper must be braked tightly and tied firmly with rope

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