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"National environmental protection fashion fabric development base" settled in Wujiang Hantong Textile Co., Ltd.

on December 7, 2010, the evaluation team of the Secretariat of the national textile product development base conducted a field evaluation and assessment of Wujiang Hantong Textile Co., Ltd. the evaluation team was led by Xie Fangming, director of the product business department of the national textile product development center

during the evaluation process, the person in charge of the enterprise focused on introducing the situation to the experts, including the development of new products and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Wujiang Hantong Textile Co., Ltd./Wujiang Hantong silk jet weaving factory, founded in 1999, is mainly engaged in all kinds of fashion, women's wear, shirt fabrics and leisure and environmental protection fabrics. The R & D process of the enterprise's products is clear, following the principles of fashion, environmental protection and functional health care, actively paying attention to and analyzing the needs of fashion trends, market demands and brand ready-made clothing enterprises, and paying attention to the research on new process technology and new functions of products, which not only improves the added value of locally amplified new products, but also expands the field of use

the main products of the enterprise include: Antistatic series, suede series, satin series, human silk and other series; And metal fabric series, all kinds of jacquard and elastic fabrics. Among them, more than 200 products of monofilament environmental protection, fashion environmental protection and environmental protection function fabric series have an average profit margin of 25%. In 2009, "the development of nylon monofilament and silk, flax, Tencel and modal series interwoven fabrics" won the third prize of the science and technology award of China Textile Industry Association, and two other products passed the high-tech product certification of Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology. In 2010, five utility model patents were successfully applied for. At the same time, the enterprise of automatic shift and automatic zero inspection pays attention to social construction and energy conservation and emission reduction. It passed the first round of cleaner production audit of Wujiang Environmental Protection Bureau in 2008 and was the "pilot enterprise of circular economy" in Suzhou in 2009. Until the sample was destroyed, he participated in the social project of China's textile enterprises in 2008 and was an enterprise with harmonious labor relations in Wujiang City. In recent years, the whole industry must attach great importance to it. It has been shortlisted as one of the top 500 Chinese textile and clothing enterprises for three consecutive years

after careful investigation, the experts of the evaluation team agreed that the enterprise paid attention to independent research and development, with clear production process and accurate positioning, which met the access standards of the national textile product development base. After the Secretariat of the national textile products development base reported to the China Textile Industry Association for approval, Wujiang Hantong Textile Co., Ltd. was approved to join, and was awarded the title of "national environmental protection fashion fabric development base"

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