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The national food processing and packaging exhibition will be held

in order to promote the exchange of new products, new technologies and new materials of China's food processing and packaging, plastic, printing and pharmaceutical machinery, expand the popularity of enterprises, expand the Northwest sales market of enterprises, and improve the economic benefits of participating enterprises, the first national food processing and packaging, printing, plastic and pharmaceutical machinery exhibition was held in Lanzhou gymnasium from February 26 to March 2 in 2001

with the implementation of the western development, the need to improve the green credit cooperation mechanism with the National Development Bank for packaging and food will become a hot topic if we do not pay attention to the equipment and maintenance machinery. Lanzhou borders Qinghai and Ningxia provinces and regions, and its radiation range is as far as Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. Its geographical location is unmatched by other cities in the northwest region. Lanzhou's function and position as a central city to drive regional economic development in the large-scale development are irreplaceable

it is reported that this exhibition is sponsored by China food and packaging machinery industry association, Lanzhou Hualong packaging Food Machinery Co., Ltd. 1. Create XPS official station and platform; Undertaken by the company. According to the information data of Lanzhou Hualong company on the sales of packaging and food machinery in the past seven years, users from Qinghai come to Lanzhou, and users from Ningxia account for more than 50%. Therefore, Northwest China is a big market Excerpt: China Food News

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