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The national environmental protection work conference will be held, and it still needs environmental protection to make a trip to beautiful China

yesterday, there was another serious haze in North China, a large area of highways were closed, and the masks on the streets of cities remained the same. Strong winds seem to be the way to quickly solve the haze weather, but this helplessness is not the fundamental way to solve the problem. Only relying on the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of science and technology related to circular economy, and taking environmental protection as a livelihood issue is the development trend. In the context of the upcoming National Conference on environmental protection, the probability of periodic spiral warming of the concept of environmental protection is high. The recent collective adjustment of environmental protection stocks may cause funds to pay attention again

beautiful China needs environmental protection first

as we all know, a shares have always been keen on the concept of speculation, especially the concept of speculation associated with favorable policies. It is reported that the 2013 national environmental protection work conference will be held in the 18th week of this year. The weight of the whole machine: 5.6t. Relevant people said that energy conservation and emission reduction will be carried out more strictly, and priority will be given to solving prominent environmental problems that damage people's health, which will be the focus of national environmental protection work in 2013

it should be said that the hype of the concept of environmental protection has always been characterized by policies or events, but the recent large-scale haze weather across the country has indeed made the solution of environmental protection issues urgent. Recently, the management has pointed out that the long-lasting haze weather in the eastern part of the country is not only the influence of natural factors, but also we must change the extensive mode of production. Production, construction and consumption cannot be at the cost of ecological damage. Backward production capacity should be eliminated, and must be eliminated, and strict law enforcement is required. At the same time, the Ministry of environmental protection stated that it would strengthen air monitoring, encourage qualified places to implement the new air quality standard monitoring in advance, and refine the regional joint prevention and control plan. In this context, as the first national environmental protection work conference after the 18th CPC National Congress put forward the beautiful China program, the market will naturally double its expectations

current and medium-term value of the three sub industries

according to the calculation, the investment demand for environmental protection in the whole society during the 12th Five Year Plan is about 3.4 trillion yuan. I) batch experiment: for samples with the same parameters, the work of reducing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, improving water environment quality, and comprehensive control of air pollutants will be highlighted. Therefore, in the medium term, investment opportunities in the environmental protection industry will mainly come from these three aspects

first of all, air pollution control will still be the primary task of environmental protection, and the investment in denitration will increase significantly. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the focus of air pollution control will shift from desulfurization to denitration. The emissions of six major industries, including electric power, non-metallic minerals, ferrous metals, chemicals and petrochemicals, account for 91.5% of the industrial source emissions, of which the emission of nitrogen oxides in the field of electric power accounts for 40%, which is the key field of denitration business

secondly, water pollution control is also the focus of environmental protection. The annual economic loss of the country due to water shortage is about 200billion yuan, and water pollution has exacerbated the tension of water resources. As the operation of sewage treatment is limited by the government, the investment opportunities in the field of water treatment lie not in the operation links, but in the equipment and engineering links, especially in the municipal water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment equipment and engineering. Among them, by 2015, 160000 kilometers of urban sewage pipes will be added to municipal water treatment, with a daily sewage treatment capacity of 42million tons, and the urban sewage treatment rate of 85%; The investment scale will be more than 450 billion yuan, and membrane treatment will be increasingly widely used in the field of municipal water treatment, with a large growth space

thirdly, solid waste treatment is also brewing large investment opportunities, and the investment in the waste solid treatment industry will reach 800billion yuan in the 12th Five Year Plan. From the perspective of the process of solid waste treatment, it is divided into three steps: collection and transportation, resource recovery and disposal. Solid waste mainly includes domestic waste, industrial solid waste and hazardous waste; Therefore, in the field of solid waste treatment, garbage treatment is worth looking forward to

pm2.5 is still the key word

as for specific listed companies, institutional analysis believes that relevant listed companies with the ability to monitor and control air pollution may be the first to get the favor of funds. Sujing company, controlled by Chuangyuan Technology (000551), has a post doctoral mobile station, a national technology center and 200 patents, of which 30% are invention patents. Sujing has a leading technology advantage in clean testing and application, dominates the formulation of industry standards, and occupies a leading position in the field of domestic clean engineering. The company said that PM2.5 will be a great boost to the company's clean and environmental protection equipment, and the company's PM2.5 testing instrument products will be announced in the near future. At the same time, the purification project of industrial emissions is a turnkey system project. At present, the company has a mature turnkey scheme; Once the test of PM2.5 enters the routine environmental protection test project, the relevant products of the company will become the benchmark of the industry

in addition, pioneer environmental protection (300137) has a good performance in the fields of atmospheric environment monitoring, water quality monitoring and so on, which is to raise the brand awareness of China's wood plastic industry; The to mode of the company's automatic air station is a new form of operation service, which will help the company change from an equipment supplier to an integrated equipment and service operator. This mode may be promoted in other regions. According to the requirements of the new "ambient air quality standard" and the current degree of concern about PM2.5, Changjiang Securities (000783) believes that after the Ministry of environmental protection unifies the equipment procurement standard, the market will soon usher in the procurement tide of PM2.5 monitoring equipment, and the company will be the pioneer of the domestic environmental protection monitoring system

in addition, the institution also suggests that it can pay attention to relevant stocks such as Colin environmental protection (002499), Sansi (300056), ba'an water (300262), Longjing environmental protection (600388), Guodian Qingxin (002573), Jiulong power (600292)

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