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The National Exhibition of teaching instruments and equipment ended. On site bidding and procurement of 230million yuan

jellyfish May 13 (YMG Liu Xinguo correspondent Bai Xinkui) yesterday, the four-day Chinese capital · 57th China teaching instruments and equipment exhibition ended in our city

there were 2097 exhibition spaces for teaching instruments and equipment, more than 800 exhibitors and more than 40000 exhibitors, all of which were the highest in previous years, and successfully ranked among the domestic large-scale exhibitions. The exhibition not only displayed traditional teaching instruments and equipment, but also products covering books, preschool education, music, sports and beauty equipment, labor technology, school logistics and other aspects. There were 22000 varieties of exhibitors, realizing the full coverage of ordinary primary and secondary schools, preschool education, vocational education, special education, higher education for the first time. The on-site bidding purchase amount of this exhibition reached 230million yuan. Zhai Hongjin signed an investment in the laboratory and introduced to us the intention of developing new products of more than 1 billion yuan. The double mold, which has achieved economic and social benefits, can crystallize rapidly and harvest at a temperature of 50 ℃

the exhibition is large-scale. Mr. Qian Mingcheng, CEO of langshanda China, said: "LANXESS pays close attention to the booming development of the Chinese market, such as the new energy automobile industry, with rich varieties and distinctive characteristics. It not only displays the enterprise products, but also organizes a series of distinctive activities such as the national education technology and equipment forum, the China Science and education instrument International Development Forum, the excellent product selection, on-site bidding and procurement, visiting the demonstration school, donation instrument 1, measurement system, etc., so as to fully negotiate and communicate with the representatives and exhibitors Exchange and cooperation provide a broad platform, which will effectively promote the country, especially Yantai, to further improve the level of educational equipment

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