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The National Furniture Quality Inspection Center settled in Guangdong

the National Furniture Quality Inspection Center settled in Guangdong

April 3, 2006

the national furniture action light products quality inspection center held an unveiling ceremony yesterday in Guangdong Shunde, where the growth rate of the global plastic processing machinery market can be expected. This is also the tenth national quality inspection institution to settle in Guangdong after food, electrical appliances and other commodity inspection institutions

the national furniture quality inspection center has dozens of internationally advanced furniture product testing instruments. It can also detect toxic and harmful substances, coatings, environmental protection performance of furniture, wood species identification, whether the connecting line and power socket are good, the quality of furniture textile leather, furniture materials and mechanical properties

Shunde is the largest furniture production base in China, with more than 6000 furniture production and sales enterprises. If its value is less than the standard value of the rules, it will produce more than 5.1 million pieces of furniture every year, and the annual export volume will exceed US $200million. The settlement of the national furniture product quality inspection center in Shunde will play a positive role in improving the quality level of Shunde furniture and enhancing the competitiveness of Shunde furniture in the international market

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