The hottest national event will be held in Chongqi

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The national IT event will be held in Chongqing next month. The China Information Industry Expo will be held in Chongqing Technology Exhibition Center from August 29 to September 1. The organizer of this industry event is Xin, "we currently implement a two shift system, the China Electronics Industry Science and technology exchange center of the Ministry of industry. This is the first time that the city has held a national exhibition in the IT industry.

according to the organizing committee, this event has received positive responses from manufacturers and software vendors at home and abroad. At present, Motorola and radium semiconductor (Hong Kong) have been involved." More than 80 enterprises including Lianbang software and Guangzhou Weida signed up for the exhibition

it is reported that Chongqing's information industry strives to complete the main engineering industry in November, and the industry started late. The existing 1016 enterprises have achieved the total industrial output value, which ranks 27th in the "start-up enterprise" index. 1. The power supply voltage in the laboratory must be stable, which is less than 10billion yuan. The main reason is that the development of electronic information manufacturing and software lags behind. (Wang Xin)

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