The hottest led stroboscopic eye injury is simple.

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Led stroboscopic eye injury is simple. One action can immediately distinguish good from bad

in the family, is the light you choose incandescent? Or energy-saving lamp? Or is it led light? I believe that the vast majority of modern families will choose LED lights, because LED lights save energy and electricity, and their brightness is also relatively high. For lights of the same size, LED lights have extremely high brightness, and also save electricity bills. Therefore, now most of the lights in families or markets are led lights. Not only that, but also some parents have children, and their children often need to do their homework under the light, Therefore, all the lights that some parents give their children are led lights, because what parents think is that led lights must protect their children's eyes

but can LED lights really protect children's eyes? Let's have a look. In fact, whether a lamp can protect children's eyes depends entirely on whether the strobe of the bulb is strong or not. If the screen of the bulb flashes very strong and very frequently, this bulb, whether you are an LED lamp or an incandescent lamp, will cause certain damage to the eyes. Of course, this damage is not direct damage, But if people often use their eyes under this kind of light, they will be more prone to fatigue. It can also cause some astigmatism in children's eyes, and even cause photosensitive epilepsy, which will lead to vision loss and distraction. Jjg1136 ⑵ 017 does not select the valley value as the evaluation parameter of cyclic torque and many other problems

we also interviewed some parents randomly on the street. This interview asked a total of 10 parents. When we asked these parents to choose lights for their children, were they all choosing LED lights* Of the parents said they used LED lights for their children, because they didn't want their children's eyes to become myopic in the future

we also interviewed some regular manufacturers of LED lamps and asked them whether LED lamps can really protect children's eyes? As a result, the manufacturer said that not all LED lamps can protect the eyes of users. Whether a LED lamp can protect the eyes is not because it is an LED lamp, but depends on its stroboscopic, and the stroboscopic control depends on whether there is a constant current chip in the LED lamp, So how to use the simplest and most square elimination method is to remove the glass stool of the dial to determine whether a LED lamp has a good constant current chip

in fact, it's very simple. In daily life, as long as we pick it up, as long as your phone is not your big brother, as long as your camera has a camera function, turn on our camera function, and aim at the LED lamp we use. If your picture is clear and smooth, and there is no ripple, then the strobe of this led lamp must be relatively low, and it can certainly have a good effect on protecting children's eyes. Let's take a look at the following figure, You know the state of low-frequency flashing LED lights in the camera

the above figure shows the principle and maintenance of a better Le fatigue testing machine. Let's see what a high stroboscopic low-quality LED will look like under the camera? Let's move on to the next picture. "Benz" will adopt PC car lampshade

after comparison, I believe everyone already knows how to choose high-quality LED lights, so if we want to protect children's eyesight, when we buy lights again, we just need to click on the camera for comparison. Is this article of any help to you today? If so, please leave your valuable comments below the comments

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