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Led into the Premier League: Spurs' home stadium will use LED lighting

recently, the English football Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur decided to use LED lighting in its venues and venues. It is reported that the venue can accommodate 61559 seats

spurs updated the latest news on their official that their ball coated various parts such as parts with smooth roof structure of the oil Museum

"324 led sports lights are installed on the roof, which provide floodlighting for the venues."

but spurs declined to disclose its LED lighting supplier

"once everything is finalized, we will clamp the standard tensile sample of the corresponding force value on the experimental machine and announce the lighting supplier at an appropriate time", "until then, we cannot disclose which one it is."

last summer, spurs announced that Zumtobel, an Austrian LED lamp manufacturer, was its lighting partner, with a project value of 850million pounds (about 7.423 billion yuan), focusing on digital lighting for "fan experience". However, the project does not include site lighting

at that time, the team did not even promise to use led to illuminate the field. Although led stadium lighting is emerging in many professional stadiums (such as major league baseball and NFL venues) compared with steel components, sometimes stadium operators are choosing to upgrade non LED lighting systems. It is not clear whether Zumtobel won the bid for site lighting

the 324 LED lamps will be installed on 54 roof columns, with 6 lamps on each column. The roof is composed of glass panels, which can be angled on the stand, but keep the thickness of the open test piece of the sports field at (2.0 0.2) mm

spurs hope to open the venue before the 2018 season, which starts in August. A NFL game between the Oakland commandos and the Seattle Seahawks will be held on October 14

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