The hottest LED screen industry is mired in losses

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The LED screen industry is deeply mired in the "loss tide". How can small and medium-sized enterprises get out of the trough in 2018

2018 is a year of subversion. In this year, great changes are taking place in the macro-economy, the international situation, and small sectors. Among them, the performance of the industry is particularly prominent. The overall economic downturn, the Sino US trade war, and the reform of industrial structure... After a whole year, the profits of the display screen industry, which was originally "profiteering" and "barbaric growth", are poor. Many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry are deeply in the "tide of losses". You can only see that your financial statements are suffering. If you accept my invitation

as we all know, the LED display industry is a grass-roots industry with low threshold. More than 90% of the enterprises in the industry are small and medium-sized enterprises. These small and medium-sized enterprises provide half of the production capacity and output value for the industry, but they are also the direct embodiment of the consequences of market changes, and their own anti risk ability is worrying. Through the turbulent year of 2018, at the beginning of this year, how can small and medium-sized enterprises in the LED display industry break the situation and make profits and seize the first opportunity of the industry development

develop strengths and avoid weaknesses to seek differentiated advantages of enterprises

it is undeniable that the market has always been the survival of the fittest. In the face of market crisis, I believe no one will sit idly by. With the increasingly fierce price competition among peers, the homogenization of industrial products is more common. Small and medium-sized LED display enterprises blindly pursue price profit space and do not pay attention to technology investment and research and development, resulting in low product market competitiveness and continuous decline of enterprise marketing level... Under the background of overcapacity, product homogenization and increasingly fierce price war, small and medium-sized LED display enterprises should know how to develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, Adjust the business direction of the enterprise according to the market demand

first of all, for small and medium-sized enterprises with LED display, the most important thing is to have a correct and full understanding of the enterprise itself, so as to find a correct positioning for the future development of the enterprise. For example, in terms of technology to find ± 1 grid of innovation strength with a gradienter with an accuracy of 0.10/1000 mm, although small and medium-sized enterprises can't compete with large enterprises, small enterprises have their own flexibility, because no matter how large enterprises are, they can't do everything when making products. As long as small and medium-sized enterprises give full play to their advantages and have a certain sensitivity to the market, they can capture business opportunities from the market. Remember, small and medium-sized enterprises with LED display screens must not blindly pursue the mainstream of the market and compete with other enterprises with their weaknesses, which can be said to be "beating stones with eggs"

at the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises with LED display screens should have forward-looking thinking and plan strategies in order to be invincible, avoid the trap of "large and complete", avoid the biased idea of blindly pursuing large and complete, and accumulate strength to support products with outstanding advantages and playing a key role. As long as we firmly control this characteristic product with advantages and cultivate our own differential advantage, we can continuously increase our competitive advantage in the fierce market competition. In addition, small and medium-sized LED display enterprises can also form strategic partners with enterprises that can form "complementary advantages" with themselves in terms of product, channel or technological innovation ability, and work together for win-win cooperation. After all, team warfare will be more competitive than single handedly

take advantage of the "the Belt and Road" to explore overseas markets

as the saying goes, "channels are king". Under the current situation that the domestic market tends to be saturated, many small and medium-sized LED display enterprises begin to worry about orders and profits, and need to constantly expand new markets. At present, many small and medium-sized enterprises have set their sights on foreign markets. However, it should be noted that overseas markets cannot be blindly expanded, and they must be targeted and purposeful layout and operation according to their own conditions

overseas markets are mainly divided into Europe, North America, the Middle East and emerging markets. For the European market, the demand for display screens of local big brands has significantly increased, while small and medium-sized brands are facing price competition from Chinese manufacturers, and their ability to obtain orders is limited. The Southeast Asian market also tends to mature with the continuous stability of the political situation. Although the competition in overseas markets has begun to intensify, with the replenishment of the "the Belt and Road" construction: gradually spreading out from point to area in the forming conditions, the financial cooperation network is forming, and the RMB internationalization support is strong. More importantly, many countries along the "the Belt and Road" are developing countries, which are in the stage of development, and all aspects of construction are under way. For domestic LED display small and medium-sized enterprises, these countries are undoubtedly excellent markets for us to enter

the promulgation of national policies helps the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises

from the perspective of the national environment, China's small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90% of the market, provide more than 80% of the country's jobs, more than 70% of invention patents are likely to fall further, more than 60% of GDP, more than 50% of taxes, and are also the main body of export earning foreign exchange. Therefore, the state has also promulgated a series of policies to promote the development of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises

for example, in the key work of 2019 proposed by the central economic work conference, "promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry" is ranked first. Promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry is an urgent need for China's high-quality economic development and enhancing international competitiveness; At the executive meeting of the State Council just held on January 9, another batch of inclusive tax reduction measures will be introduced. These tax reduction policies can be traced back to January 1 this year, and the implementation period is tentatively scheduled to be three years. It is expected to reduce the burden of small and micro enterprises by about 200billion each year. The leading group of the State Council for promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is located in the Ministry of industry and information technology. As the head of the working group, Miao Wei said that he would urge local governments to implement these policies in place. The promulgation of national policies will appropriately reduce operating costs for small and medium-sized LED display enterprises and help the LED display industry move towards high-end precision

someone said, "2018 is the worst year in the past decade, but it is likely to be the best year in the next decade". We don't speculate about the difficulties and bitterness of small and medium-sized LED display enterprises in this year, but we expect that small and medium-sized LED display enterprises after Nirvana will have a bright future on the road of development

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