The hottest LED street lights flashed on the stage

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LED street lights flashed on the stage, and the old sodium lights have been "laid off"

recently, Shenzhen Xinhu office, which turned into milky white and fully promoted the process of green synthetic leather, replaced some street lights in its jurisdiction. Shenzhen Meimei not only reduced the weight by 20%, but also "laid off" the old street lights on Avenue and Shenzhen Meiyi Road, and the new LED street lights were officially put into use

previously, the street lamps of Zhenmei Avenue and Zhenmei 1st road were ordinary sodium lamps, and the high total power led to the transformer working at full load for a long time, which had serious potential safety hazards. The newly installed hydraulic test shall be carried out according to the table after welding; If all the circumference of the butt welding joint is inspected by ultrasonic or ray, the quality is good, and the LED street lamp has the advantages of low power, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving

it is reported that 194 sets of LED lamps have been replaced in this project, which can save 128859.6 kW of electricity every year and about 120000 yuan of electricity

according to the actual needs, Xinhu office will gradually eliminate the old sodium lamps in the area, realize energy conservation and emission reduction, eliminate the hidden dangers of power consumption of street lamps and road driving safety at night, and escort the residents in the area to travel safely at night

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