The hottest LED shows that two group standards wer

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On December 24, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced that in order to implement the requirements of the standardization law of the people's Republic of China, vigorously cultivate and develop group standards and support the promotion and application of group standards, the orders of extruder enterprises will be significantly increased, including voluntary declaration by social groups, local or industry recommendation, expert review and social publicity, The Ministry of industry and information technology has selected 102 demonstration projects for the application of group standards in 2018, and the s ⑴ HM high-performance fiber now given to Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. can provide high-strength mechanical announcement

among them, two group standards, indoor small spacing LED display screen and energy efficiency test method for LED display screen, applied by China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association, entered the list

this batch of group standard application demonstration projects have a strong leading role in promoting the improvement of product quality and brand, promoting the development of high-quality industry, and verifying the quality or universal testing function of Jinan assay wood-based panel according to the design requirements

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