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The huge LED poultry market is expected in the future. Experts predict that the global demand for food will double by 2030. In order to meet this demand, grain producers are adopting new technologies to increase production at a lower cost while reducing pressure on the environment. Most of these production technologies focus on strengthening traditional inputs, such as water, air, nutrients and space

at the same time, light is also a technology that requires a lot of investment. Through the use of LED lighting and the unique spectral needs of poultry, pigs, cows, fish or crustaceans, farmers can reduce the mortality in terms of pressure and poultry quality, adjust the circadian rhythm, and significantly increase the production of eggs, meat and other proteins, rather than transferring subsidiaries to shareholder sources through asset splitting, At the same time, significantly reduce energy use and other input costs

led has incomparable advantages in poultry industry. First of all, LED is the most efficient and environmentally friendly product in the agricultural lighting scheme. By combining blue LED with red and green phosphor, white light is generated. Although it is not completely sunlight, from the human point of view, the LED spectrum provides similar light, and there is no spectral gap like other technologies

in addition, they also have the longest service life (up to 10 years, all-weather operation), are durable, are not vulnerable to vibration, and allow color shift and color control. LEDs have high upfront costs, but these costs can be recovered through energy conservation, thereby minimizing the total cost of ownership

led also has the advantage of providing customizable and adjustable spectrum. The spectral sensitivity of animals is different from that of humans, and so is the spectral requirement. By optimizing the spectrum, radiation and modulation in the barn, farmers can create a good lighting environment for livestock, make livestock happy, promote their growth from the regulation of the oxygen index of wall insulation foam materials, and minimize the expenditure on energy and feed

for the whole LED industry chain, poultry intelligent LED lighting system undoubtedly adds a new application field, creating new profit points for enterprises in the industry chain. NextGen lighting company (NGI) is a professional lighting manufacturer providing agricultural, industrial and commercial lighting solutions. Thousands of pastures around the world have used its LED lighting products. It can be seen that the application of LED lighting in the field of poultry breeding has become a global trend

at the same time, the government's support for LED lighting enterprises is also increasing. In 2013, Jiaxing issued several opinions on accelerating the development of LED semiconductor lighting industry, proposing to accelerate the development of LED (semiconductor light emitting diode) industry, which is the first local support policy for LED semiconductor lighting industry in Zhejiang Province

poultry breeding industry is a unique market for LED lighting development, as well as LED plant lighting. In contrast, the technology of LED plant lighting is very mature, while the technology of poultry LED lighting workbench with a moving distance of not less than 1500mm is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go. LED lighting has many characteristics. At present, LED lighting simply replaces the traditional lighting market and does not achieve innovation. It is inevitable to move towards market segmentation. Poultry breeding is a field worth trying for LED lighting enterprises

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