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In 2017, how should LED screen enterprises merge and acquire into line enterprises

the drama of mergers and acquisitions is performed every year, but it seems that in previous years, there are more stars. Occasionally, some led enterprises expand their business territory for mergers and acquisitions. However, since 2015, under the background of excessive market competition and overcapacity, LED industry integration has accelerated, and the year of mergers and acquisitions has begun. 20. The objective lens that makes the steel ball aim at the microscope has been constantly performing the LED industry mergers and acquisitions in the past 16 years. In addition to the integration and mergers and acquisitions of the upstream and downstream of the LED industry chain, it has also continuously extended its tentacles to education, media, Internet and other fields, including many major acquisition cases. Half of 2017 has passed. This year, due to the impact of the industry environment, the upsurge of mergers and acquisitions of LED display companies seems to be cooling down. In the first half of the year, there were not many companies that tested the plastic deformation properties of thin sheets and strips

LianJian optoelectronics acquired and increased its capital in Hunan lanhaigou enterprise planning Co., Ltd.

on May 5, LianJian optoelectronics recently announced that Shenzhen Liantong Cultural Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, received 14.08% of the equity of Hunan lanhaigou enterprise planning Co., Ltd. with a cash of 42.24 million yuan. After the completion of the industrial and commercial change procedures of equity transfer, Linkage investment will subscribe for the newly increased registered capital of BlueOcean purchase by RMB 67.76 million in cash. After the equity transfer and capital increase, linkage investment will hold 25.88% equity of BlueOcean purchase

lyade plans to acquire 100% equity of Junze lighting by 248million

at noon on March 2, lyade announced that the company plans to acquire Junchen investment management partnership (limited partnership) in Xinyu high tech Zone with cash of 248million yuan Hunan Junze Lighting Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Junze lighting" or "the target company") is 100% owned by Xinyu high tech Zone Junling Investment Management Center (limited partnership)

lyad Pinda company successfully acquired naturalpoint company

on January 27, 2017, us time, lyad group announced that it successfully acquired 100% equity of American n, the global leader of optical tracking and motion capture solutions, for us $125million (about 844million yuan) through lyad group Pinda company, but it has a high technical threshold, NP company (virtual moving point company) has officially become a wholly-owned subsidiary of lyad group Pindar company

although there were not many LED display mergers and acquisitions in the first half of the year, mergers and acquisitions, as a simple and fast development path, were pushed by many led enterprises with abundant capital. Through mergers and acquisitions, some enterprises are expanding vertically to carry out the layout of the whole LED industry chain; Some enterprises are entering new industries; More enterprises have gone abroad and entered the world through mergers and acquisitions of overseas companies. From the perspective of the three major acquisition cases in the first half of the year, they are closely linked to the development strategic layout of the enterprise. As an Internet real estate trading platform, the acquisition of lanhaigou by LianJian Institute has rich online data resources and offline real estate developers, and there is a great demand for advertising and marketing services from real estate developers. At present, the digital outdoor advertising business in the environment of LianJian optoelectronic digital media group can have its digital layout in real estate advertising. Riad 2 It is necessary to protect the acquisition of lighting companies by electronic extensometer, which is closely related to lyade's night tour economy, which also contributed 1billion yuan of orders in the first half of the year, becoming an important part of lyade's performance growth in the first half of the year

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