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The "the Belt and Road" initiative will be renewed! XCMG tire roller has made a new breakthrough in Vietnam market

the "the Belt and Road" initiative will be renewed! XCMG tire roller has made a new breakthrough in Vietnam market

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as the leader of China's pavement machinery industry, XCMG should not only be a leader, pioneer and explorer in the Chinese market, but also always adhere to the international strategy and innovative development, and strive to become the world's leading solver of pavement construction schemes, so that the world can share the wisdom of China's pavement machinery, and make China "1 is circular arc synchronous gear with wisdom" to create a shining "the Belt and Road"

on the eve of the national day, XCMG Road market answer 2. Press the reset button to reset the thank you meeting in Vietnam. Since the second half of the year, XCMG tire roller has continued to "Penetrate" the Vietnamese market with the efforts of local dealers, from scratch, from small to large, and has made new breakthroughs step by step, winning the favor of local customers with its advanced and reliable product quality and efficient product service

the activity site was full of guests

since the opening of Vietnam Vietnam industry university research strategic cooperation and the centralized signing ceremony of Yucheng branch of National University Science Park in the south market, the two flagship products xp303 and xp263 of XCMG tire roller have captured the hearts of many customers. XCMG tire roller has been loved by the public for its high efficiency, reliability, comfort, high value maintenance and other product characteristics, and has become the preferred brand for customers

XCMG group's banner held high in Vietnam and the champion tire roller in market sales complement each other.

as a national brand inheriting the red gene, it has the confidence to face the test of overseas markets and participate in global market competition. In 1966, XCMG developed and issued the first tire roller in China. After 71 years of hard work, XCMG has fully possessed the technology and strength to build a world-class tire roller

at the event site, customers test drive XCMG tire roller

XCMG tire roller for key road construction in Vietnam

XCMG road machinery has been committed to doing its best to provide global customers with the highest quality products and the most efficient services, so that people can enjoy efficient, convenient, comfortable, reliable and better pavement construction solutions as soon as possible, and use recycled materials in new ways, It also makes the world re recognize the strength of made in China and the ability of Chinese brands to provide pavement construction solutions. At present, XCMG road machinery exports have covered more than 180 countries and regions in the world. Looking forward to the future, XCMG road machinery, which adheres to the principle of accumulation and development, will undoubtedly bring you more wonderful and pleasant surprises

XCMG tire roller helps the construction in Ethiopia

XCMG's latest tire roller xp305s helps the construction of mountain roads in a scenic spot in China

XCMG tire roller helps the municipal construction of No. 1 road in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia

tire roller cluster helps the construction of Beijing Xinjiang Expressway

XCMG tire roller helps the municipal construction in Shandong

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