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[the Belt and Road] XCMG's "golden warrior" shows its magic power

[the Belt and Road] XCMG's "golden warrior" shows its magic power

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Malaysia, with its talent to avoid hurting people's eyes, can design and manufacture world-class measurement control and instrumentation products. It was once one of the four tigers in Asia, and is famous for its "clear water, young sand, and shadow of coconut trees", It is a world famous tourist attraction. At the same time, Malaysia is located in the cross center where two continents and two oceans intersect. It connects Asia and Oceania from north to south, and connects the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean from east to west. Malaysia is rich in port resources. In recent years, the Malaysian government has increased investment in port construction, which gives XCMG a chance to show its strength in crane products

recently, two "golden warriors" wearing "XCMG gold" appeared in the Kuantan deepwater port project. They are XCMG crawler cranes of xgc180 and xgc300, with maximum lifting capacity of 180 tons and 300 tons respectively. Kuantan deepwater port is a key project jointly invested by China and Malaysia. Upon completion, it will greatly shorten the distance between China and Malaysia and promote the economic and trade development of the two countries

the two crawler cranes are mainly responsible for throwing the pre supported cement piles and stones into the sea to build the breakwater of the port. Although it is only a simple action of lifting and throwing, it has to be repeated hundreds of times every day, which puts forward very high requirements for crane operation efficiency and stability. As the "sales" player in the "XGC" family series, the two products did not disappoint. Since they were put into use, they have been in good condition. Compared with foreign brand products on the same site, they are not inferior or even better. The excellent performance of the two one-stop service products provided to consumers at the first time has also won the unanimous praise of the project owner and users

in recent years, XCMG crawler cranes have focused on the development of overseas markets. With the development opportunity of the the Belt and Road, XCMG crawler cranes will be more and more promoted overseas. In the future, XCMG crawler cranes will become the leading role in the stage of overseas engineering machinery

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