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Thailand: use sugarcane waste to produce biodegradable food packaging

Thailand uses bagasse that was previously considered useless to produce biodegradable packaging. According to the Thai manufacturer, bagasse cartons are produced from agricultural sugarcane waste, so they belong to decomposable materials after use. The packaging can replace the traditional plastic packaging, and is not harmful to human health, but also conducive to environmental protection

the package uses breakthrough technology to convert bagasse into pulp molecules, and then combines the molecules again. The product is both heat-insulating and waterproof, and has passed the verification of the U.S. Food and drug administration

the government has always believed that the rapid economic development in Asia has led to the deterioration of the environment. The food industry is also trying to find products that can replace plastic packaging. In the past five years, packaging suppliers have introduced various forms of degradable plastics, including the corn packaging material experimental machine. The function and characteristics of the zigzag experimental machine is one of the most experimental machines, which is not only clean and environmentally friendly, but also degradable

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