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The "the Belt and Road" brings opportunities for Weichai Power to go global

the "the Belt and Road" brings opportunities for Weichai Power to go global

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on April 30, Weichai Power said when receiving the survey of Bohai Securities that the promotion of the national "the Belt and Road" will accelerate the development of overseas markets for enterprises, and the competition among domestic heavy truck manufacturers will expand to overseas markets in the future. The overseas market is an important part of the "three thirds" strategy of Weichai Power. The company has initially established an overseas market development mode of "local manufacturing + overseas supporting + direct export". The areas covered by the "the Belt and Road" are highly overlapped with the company's overseas target markets, which will bring important development opportunities for the company's overseas market development. Therefore, the company will be a direct beneficiary and an important promoter

temperature range for long-term use ⑴ 27 ℃ to 121 ℃ for Weichai Power, the integration of the whole vehicle plant has always been a factor that has attracted much attention and is not conducive to the development of the company. In this regard, the company said: the vertical integration behavior of the vehicle factory has existed for a long time, but so far the company's customers have remained stable, which is mainly due to the company's comprehensive advantages in excellent product quality, excellent technical performance, moderate price, the cost effect of large-scale production that can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time, extensive after-sales service network and long-term stable customer relations. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the company continues to increase R & D investment, reduce cost and increase quality, manufacture products with higher cost performance in the field of heavy trucks, widen the gap with competitors and improve their entry barriers; Focus on supporting the whole vehicle sales of Shaanxi heavy truck Co., Ltd., and drive the engine supporting quantity of the company; Excavate and cultivate new customers (such as JAC, Dayun, beiben, etc.) to improve the matching rate of the company's engines; Accelerate the implementation of Linde hydraulic in the Chinese market, give full play to the synergy of powertrain and hydraulic control, realize the strategic transformation of the company, and avoid the company's excessive dependence on the heavy truck industry

Weichai Power is accelerating the implementation of Linde hydraulic in the Chinese market. In 2014, the company's Linde hydraulic Xiamen factory was successfully put into operation. Through the import of all parts, the localization of product assembly was realized and the problem of timely delivery was solved; At present, Weifang has set up a production plant, which is expected to be put into operation in early june2015. It is preliminarily planned to produce 8000 sets per year. In the future, it will gradually realize mass localization of parts and components. The landing of Linde hydraulic in the Chinese market will enable the company to give full play to the synergy of powertrain and hydraulic control

it is often treated as waste. It is also understood that according to the announcement of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the diesel vehicle products of Guosan will not be sold from January 1, 2015. At present, WP7 diesel engine of the company is the first to pass the UK VCA Euro VI emission Certificate in China, and some other models have completed the research and development of Euro VI emission standard; WP7 long stroke, WP10, WP12 and WP13 series of national V diesel engines have passed the national type approval certification, Russian gost certification and German TUV certification

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