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A few years ago, what did you have for Christmas? What touching gifts did you get? How many stories can't be forgotten? Do you remember the memories of Christmas

Part 1: about love

Christmas for three consecutive years

Xiao Xi will receive a blessing message from the same strange number

only five short words:

"Merry Christmas"

she thought that this was just one of the endless group blessings

so she never replied to the message

Christmas in the fourth year

the message did not appear

Xiao Xi hesitated for a long time

finally sent a sentence to the number: Merry Christmas

soon, the other party will reply:

"thank you, who are you?"

love never waits for someone in place. If you are not careful, It was taken away by time

part 2: a string of codes

cocoa's boyfriend is a typical engineering boyfriend

"don't talk, don't understand romance, don't understand amorous feelings"

this is the "three no characteristics" summarized by cocoa when he roast

on Christmas Day

cocoa received a courier

opened a heart-shaped card

engraved with a string of code

cocoa looked at him suspiciously

just wanted to be angry

he took the card over

solved this messy string of characters with a computer:

I love you Merry Christmas

part 3: teddy bear

"When I was a child, my family was very poor and there were no toys

at that time, it was close to Christmas, and the streets were full of lights and decorations

my father wanted to take me to the wholesale market and said he wanted to buy me a teddy bear

I picked a favorite one and held it in my arms. As a result, the boss said it was 50 yuan

so he took my father out of the store

the next morning, my father called me to get up

took the bear out of my back, and his body was still cold

it was my father who went out to buy it for me early in the morning.

later, because of work, I moved home several times.

teddy bears have been reluctant to throw away. This is the best Christmas gift I have ever received! "

When Lili, who is already the mother of two children, said this sentence, her eyes were still full of starlight

part 4: he was holding flowers to watch fireworks, and she looked at him

"I hope I can watch Christmas Fireworks with the people I like at Christmas"

he looked through her circle of friends and saw her say so

he still decided to tuck himself into the reindeer suit on Christmas day

and then send her a bunch of flowers at the moment when the Christmas Fireworks were lit

but she didn't appear that day

later he saw her update:

wish comes true

part 5: the last time he held hands

Christmas Eve, he led her walking in the snow. The girl was obviously impatient and kept sweeping the snowflakes on her head and clothes with her hands, "I said I broke up. Where do you want to take me?" He said, "finally, walk with me." The girl asked, "aren't you cold?" He shook his head and said, "how could it be?"

girls no longer talk, just hope to finish the road quickly. The moment he let go of his hand, he almost burst into tears. He always likes to lead her away in the snow, because he can pretend to lose his head accidentally

part 6: the cheapest thing

they spent Christmas together. She asked him, "what's your cheapest thing?"

he answered without thinking, "you can only be mine."

part 7: the most beautiful gift

on their first Christmas together, she cooked dinner at her humble home and waited for him to come back. At the moment of opening the door, she saw him holding a broken twig and a string of small colored lights. When the colored lights were on, she looked at the most beautiful Christmas tree and cried happily

part 8: the story of getting married

there was a mother and daughter who depended on each other for their lives. Life was very difficult. Her daughter was about to get married, and she was sad that she didn't buy her dowry. On Christmas Eve, my daughter curled up on the Kang and went to bed early, while my mother was still sighing. Santa Claus decided to help them. He sprinkled a lot of gold in their chimney and fell into her socks baked by the fire. Her mother laughed...

every gift and story of Christmas is touching, happy and sad, but behind it is an unforgettable memory. I hope that no matter what story you have today, you can be surrounded by warmth and happiness in the future. Merry Christmas

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