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8、 Secretly crossing Chencang

the owner Zheng took the decorator Shao to a sanitary ware store to buy sanitary ware and shower room. Shao's watch was extremely positive, and he worked very hard to arrange products for Zheng, cut prices, and finally cut down the transaction in Shao's fierce, and Zheng paid all the money on the spot. But in fact, Shao had already notified the sanitary ware store to raise the price, but on the one hand, he flattered Zheng, worked hard to help bargain, and won Zheng's trust. Get a high deduction from the sanitary ware store after the transaction is concluded

IX. watch the fire from the bank

the owner Fang asked his master Zhao to decorate the 190m2 middle floor of the building. Fang preferred steel wooden ladders, while Fang's wife Wei preferred whole wooden ladders. Both of them held their own views and made no decision for a long time. When Fang and Wei solicited Zhao's opinions, Zhao did not express any opinions on the two plans, nor did he provide any technical suggestions. He completely stayed out of the matter and only said that he would implement the final plan of the two people

as a result, half of the implementation was carried out according to Fang's plan. After some technical problems appeared, the implementation was transferred to Wei's plan. It was Zhao, who lacked professional ethics, who led to unnecessary rework, wasting both materials and labor. Of course, Zhao was the only winner

X. laughing

the owner Xu had a good relationship with the decorator ou, so he fully entrusted ou to decorate a house. In everything, Ou asked Xu for his wishes and preferences in advance, and the prices quoted were much lower than the market price. Xu was very satisfied, and even expressed his willingness to support ou for another two months' salary as a token of gratitude. However, Ou was not satisfied. On the one hand, he booed Xu at a lower price, but on the other hand, he ordered his men to use fake and inferior products. As a result, less than six months after the delivery of the house, the laminate floor arched, the ceiling cracked, the wall coating began to powdery, and the furniture began to turn yellow

11. Li daitaojiang

decorator Li Mou decorates a suite with an area of 90m2 for the owner Zhang Mou. Zhang Mou believes that Li Mou's asking price of 8000 yuan in the TV background wall should be reduced by 2000 yuan. Li Mou is unwilling in every way, so he puts forward an exchange condition: the original price of 7000 yuan of solid wood TV cabinet is to replace carving with wood lines, and to replace solid wood with plates. Frank Zhang did not want Li to complain, so he agreed to his exchange terms. Unexpectedly, this exchange, Li not only made up for the profit of 2000 yuan, but also earned more than 1000 yuan

XII. Hand in hand

decorator Xu undertook the decoration contract of the owner Yang's three bedroom new house, which stated that the tiles, sanitary ware, lighting, etc. were purchased by Yang himself. When Xu started the muddy water part of the project, he proposed to purchase cement and took yang to pick up tiles and sanitary ware and transport them back together, saving time and freight. Due to Xu's careful arrangement, Yang finally reached a deal under Xu's recommendation, and Xu received 10% of the business introduction fee from the store owner

XIII. To fight for Bai's decoration business, guerrilla Huang showed Bai the successful business cases of his company with a copy of his friend Wang's business license of a decoration company that had already been cancelled and the design works of a decoration company. Bai was moved by his sincere service attitude and refined decoration design style




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