Three unique skills of kitchen materials

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The utilization rate of the kitchen is very high. In life, water is needed for washing vegetables and cooking, and the kitchen has become a place prone to moisture. In addition, the high temperature and oil smoke during cooking also require the kitchen not only to be moisture-proof and fire-proof,

three standards for distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of coatings

liaojiangshui, general manager of Xiahe chemical industry: home decoration cannot be separated from coatings, and in the current market, almost all coating manufacturers say that their products are of good quality, but the actual situation is that some products not only have strange smell, but also crack, peel and mold spots after use. In my opinion, there are three standards to measure the quality of coatings:

first of all, it depends on the basic functions of coatings. As an ornament, the most important thing is to pass the test in its decorative function, that is, it will not crack, peel, fall off, be waterproof, sun resistant, pollution resistant, mold and bacteria resistant, etc. Good coatings are strong and wear-resistant after use, while poor coatings will peel and crack soon after use

secondly, we should pay attention to the safety and environmental protection performance of coatings. Consumers can't just listen to the advertisement, but should pay close attention to the spot check results of the national authoritative departments. At the same time, it depends on whether the environmental protection testing authority said by the manufacturer has been approved by the State Technical Supervision Bureau and has the CMA Testing mark. Because the test results of those small test stations that have not been approved by the state and do not have the CMA mark are simply untrustworthy

finally, the cost performance of paint. Consumers naturally have to consider whether it is cost-effective to buy coatings. Therefore, only when the above two principles are met, can they really be accepted by people with low price and good quality

the authenticity of green coatings should be carefully identified

Chen Chaowei (Engineer) of Xiamen service center of Jiabaoli group and Xiamen Yangde Chemical Enterprise Co., Ltd.: in recent years, with the popularity of healthy consumption, green has become a major standard for consumers to choose building materials. But if you look carefully at the barrel coatings, it is not difficult to find that there are various kinds of "green coatings", "natural coatings" and "environmental protection coatings", which make consumers at a loss. In fact, a considerable part of the "green building materials" are just making up numbers, and some are "making green". Since the national standard for coatings was enforced on July 1 last year, almost all coating enterprises have said that they produce green products based on the "national standard". In fact, "national standard" is not equal to "green". The national standard is only the access standard for interior decoration materials to enter the market. If you fail to meet this standard, you will not be qualified to enter the market, and the requirements for green environmental protection products are higher. Only products with the "ten rings" mark issued by the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Commission can be called "green products"

in view of this, consumers should carefully identify when purchasing qualified and reassuring coatings. First of all, when buying, we should choose a regular sales store, choose the products of well-known manufacturers, and see whether the coating meets the national mandatory standards. Secondly, we should carefully check the quality inspection report of the product, especially the VOC (English abbreviation of volatile organic compounds) content in the quality inspection report. In the national standard, the VOC limit is no more than 200 grams per liter, while the better coating is less than 100 grams per liter, and the environmental protection coating is close to zero. Third, if possible, please open the paint bucket and check it yourself. If there is serious stratification, the quality is poor; Stir gently with a stick. After lifting, the paint stays on the stick for a long time and covers evenly, indicating good quality; Dip a little with your hand, and when it is dry, it is better to wash it off with clean water; Twist gently with your hand. The more delicate, the better. Most of the non environmental friendly coatings have pungent smell due to excessive VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. At this time, the choice needs to be cautious. Of course, don't buy products that smell very fragrant. Generally speaking, essence is added to this kind of paint, and the additive itself is a chemical product, which is difficult to ensure environmental protection

tips for choosing paint

Hualong paint Fujian Service Center Chen Lailai: paint is the last important link in home decoration. Low grade and low-quality paint has uneven gloss, which is easy to yellowing, brittle, cracking and peeling, which not only wastes high-quality boards, but also destroys the overall decoration effect. High quality paint can not only make up for the defects of early decoration, but also improve the grade and grade of the whole decoration, and endow the home with richer cultivation and connotation. However, there is no obvious difference in the appearance of the paint, which is not easy to choose without professional equipment. Here are some of the simplest selection methods

buy the heaviest package: lift up the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a murmuring sound, it means that the package is seriously insufficient, the weight is less, the viscosity is too low, and the regular large factory is made of real materials, so you can hardly hear the sound

buy the one with the least consumption: consult the merchant about the brushing times and brushing area of the paint, calculate the dosage and the material cost per square meter, and don't be deceived by the unit price of each group (barrel). The paint is composed of solid (film-forming material) and volatile matter. The solid content is as high as 70% to 80%, and the low is less than 10% to 20%. The low unit consumption is often particularly large, which is more expensive and wasteful after careful calculation, and the quality effect is poor

buy products with strong professional matching: products with good quality are often more professional. They have different designs and strict process requirements according to the texture, color, structure or object of use of the plate, and provide technical guidance and after-sales service. Regular manufacturers provide colorful sample color cards

buy qualified product inspection reports: any report with the word "entrusted inspection" is not credible, because the products submitted for inspection must be qualified, but the products sold are not necessarily; Only the inspection report marked with "supervision and random inspection" can be credible

buy leading products: the best-selling degree of goods and whether they are leading products can be inferred from the location of shelves and the size of display area

pay attention to the theoretical use area and weight unit of paint: some theoretical areas are only painted once, so you must make a surplus when buying. The units used for different paints are also very different. Some use kilograms, some use liters, some use gallons, and some use barrels. It is best not to buy in barrels, because the quality and quantity inside will be different, which is easy to produce errors

in addition, carefully observe whether there is rust and leakage at the joints of the iron bucket; Pay attention to whether the explicit signs on the drum are complete; For imported coatings, it is best to choose products with Chinese marks and instructions; Look at the production date and shelf life of the paint. Expired paint cannot be purchased, otherwise there will be endless trouble

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