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It is very important to learn from experience in home decoration, and we must not copy mechanically. Family decoration is a major event for every family. If the decoration design and layout are not appropriate in the process of family decoration, the new house will not be satisfactory even if it is luxuriously decorated. Some people are eager to move in after they have new houses. He hurried to find a decoration company and asked the other party to hand over the work in ten days and a half months. As for the design of the room and the selection of decorative materials, these householders prefer to learn from other homes and refer to their decoration styles

family decoration cannot be divorced from cultural background. Copying other people's decoration methods can only paint a tiger rather than a dog, so avoid breaking away from the cultural background. If the room is in western style, but equipped with a Taishi chair, it will be very disharmonious. Cannot be divorced from the external environment. If the outside of the room is very noisy and messy, the interior decoration should be concise; If the room is shaded, avoid using dark colors when decorating the home. At present, most people hope that the home decoration can be completed in one step. In fact, the home is also growing, and the decoration should be adjusted accordingly. For example, when children grow up, the decoration and furniture of the children's room will be changed accordingly, and so on

before home decoration, you should know the decoration style of the room, the decoration materials used, the selection and general placement of furniture, as well as the decoration budget. Avoid blindly learning from others' homes, because it's all based on temporary likes and dislikes, and there is no overall consideration for family decoration. Furniture often does not conform to the decoration style. At the same time, avoid using one decoration style in all rooms, and use the same decoration materials, which can only make the room appear to be lack of interest and change

many consumers don't know the situation before signing the contract, and designers usually don't ask, even if you know. At the same time, the family decoration package is difficult to meet the personalized family decoration. Its fixed main material brand and style, the degree of freedom of choice is not high, which may lead to unsatisfactory decoration. Therefore, before the family decoration, don't blindly learn from the experience. The owners believe in themselves. As long as the family decoration is not divorced from the cultural background and the external environment, it will be able to build a beautiful new home

therefore, consumers should be reminded that home decoration cannot be applied mechanically. All the decoration methods have certain limitations. The decoration style of copying mechanically and rigidly pieced together other people's homes can only give you a messy feeling of your new home. Therefore, before family decoration, go to others' houses to learn from experience, and make choices according to the situation of your own house, so as to avoid messy decoration style and finally become a system




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