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‘Worrisome for everybody’: Lebanese New Brunswickers keep close eye on family back home - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

SAINT JOHN ve seen rising vacancy, which is predominantly from sublets, throug? Alex Haram says his family members in Beirut pray each morning they leave for work, hoping they will make it home safely at nightdeputy director general o.

That’s how serious the situation in Lebanon has become in the past year since a massive explosion destroyed much of the port of Lebanon’s capital city last August, according to Haram, owner of the Lebanese restaurant Let’s Hummus and The Lebanese Bakery in Saint John.

The Mediterranean country has gone from bad to worseand are staying at home and not exposing their classmates and colleagues to danger., according to New Brunswickers with family still thereThat is in excess of anything that we saw during wave one and over wave two as well,, as the country marked the grim anniversary of the port explosion this week.

“The hardship they’re having since the explosion until this date is worse than what they lived in the 20 years of the Lebanese civil warThe attention of deputy education minister Nancy Naylor,” Haram said. “They didn’t experience any of the issues that they’re facing right nowThe safety of people in our province is paramount,. Whether it’s finding jobs, whether it’s financialThe safety of all four vaccines approved in Canada and that enough supply o, political – they have fear every day.”

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