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Gree, polish the brand with smart technology

Gree, polish the brand with smart technology

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original title: Gree, polish the brand with smart technology

Gree robot band at the smart Expo site

From August 23 to 25, 2018 China International Intelligent Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as smart Expo) was held in Chongqing International Expo Center. The "smart town" located on the Plaza of the Expo Center is a "future style" smart community jointly simulated by industry-leading enterprises, allowing visitors to experience future life "through time and space". Among them, "Gree zero carbon health home" is particularly "eye-catching" in the exhibition hall, making many visitors stop

"Gree zero carbon health home" is the world's first launch

"Gree zero carbon health home" has opened my eyes. It accounts for half of the polyurethane insulation material enterprises and preparation equipment enterprises. With the Gree g-iems local energy interconnection system, it can not only achieve "zero electricity charge", but also generate electricity, and truly achieve green and sustainable development. " Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Chongqing, appreciated the "Gree zero carbon health home"

it is reported that "Gree zero carbon health home" is a smart home system independently developed by Gree, which integrates the two characteristics of "energy saving" and "smart". This is the world's first public appearance. "If there is a good bidder, Gree zero carbon health home" is mainly divided into zero carbon life experience space, Gree intelligent interaction space, Gree air management space, Gree water life experience space, and Gree food management space. It is equipped with the Gree g-iems local energy interconnection system, which enables the household to independently realize the one-stop energy management and control of power generation, power storage, power consumption and power management. It also has five intelligent life management systems for air, water, food, car application and security in the whole house, so as to truly make the household life more intelligent in terms of energy saving and make every bit of life shine with green, healthy, intelligent and convenient light

smart equipment shows the power of "smart manufacturing"

in addition to the "Gree zero carbon health home" that debuted for the first time, many new and high-quality smart equipment products from Gree also appeared at the Chongqing smart Expo. Focusing on the theme of "independent innovation, system integration and leading the future", Gree booth of this smart Expo is divided into five areas: Industrial integrated application area, industrial robot area, intelligent control area, intelligent fine washing area and industrial products area

Gree reducer casing processing line is the "Star" of Gree industrial integrated application zone, which is composed of four self-made vertical machining centers 5080 and one 608s robot. According to the on-site staff, the Gree reducer casing processing production line can process about 218 internal gears of the reducer every day, far more than 160 manual ones, and the efficiency is improved by more than 30%. Not only that, Gree reducer casing processing production line can also realize the automatic loading, unloading and processing of the internal gear of the reducer, so as to maximize work efficiency and save human resources

Gree industrial robot band attracted many ordinary citizens. A group of "little yellow people" with exquisite appearance and flexible skills have become the "stars" of Gree exhibition area. Some of them played drums, some played zither, and some accompanied by guitar, bass and bell harp. A magnificent and melodious song "singing the motherland" was played at the Chongqing intellectual property Expo

"Gree's robot band uses eight gr606 industrial robots, two grs405 horizontal multi joint robots and one grs401 horizontal multi joint robot, reflecting the stability and high-precision characteristics of Gree's industrial robots." Gree staff said

in addition to Gree robot band, Gree "puzzle robot" is also popular. Four gr608s six axis robots "work together" to change the "shape", and show the audience "let the world fall in love with made in China" through the changed screen. It is understood that Gree "jigsaw robot" through mutual communication and cooperation, according to the dynamic content displayed in the display screen, constantly change positions, repeatedly set and inspect the extrusion pressure at the same time to ensure that the system pressure will not be too high, fixed points, accurate docking, showing a complete picture

the intelligent control area shows five core components of the robot, including Gree controller, servo motor, servo driver, teaching pendant and reducer. The industrial products zone displays 22 products from five major sectors, including Gree's self-developed one-stop supply solutions for new energy vehicles, industrial motors, industrial capacitors, industrial lines and industrial castings

the intelligent fine washing area shows the Gree steam fine washing machine ga1403c. Through intelligent control of steam output, the high-temperature steam under continuous pressure is used for fine cleaning of vehicles. Without adding any detergent, it can wash a vehicle with 1 liter of water, reflecting Gree's environmental protection vision of "making the blue sky bluer and the earth greener" for many years

independent innovation helps transform and upgrade

as one of the new business cards made in China, Gree has adhered to independent innovation and mastered core technology for many years, and has transformed from an air conditioning manufacturing enterprise into an international industrial group integrating science and technology, innovation and diversification. Relying on the technical advantages of air conditioning, Gree has opened up a new runway for intelligent equipment

it is reported that Gree has completed the automation of its internal production line through self-developed and manufactured intelligent equipment, and more than 240 robots are owned by 10000 people, greatly improving the overall production efficiency. In addition, Gree also provides customized industrial robot integrated applications and large-scale automated production line solutions to the market, serving the home appliance, new energy, 3C, kitchen and bathroom, automobile and other industries, and helping the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. According to the 2017 annual report of Gree, the revenue scale of Gree intelligent equipment in 2017 increased by 1220.2 year-on-year, and is currently 7%

at the Chongqing smart Expo, an international brand, national standard and professional event, Gree also provided a reference sample for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry by displaying its achievements in the fields of energy conservation, smart home and smart equipment

"innovation creates value. Our innovation is to make the world a better place." Dongmingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliance, said that among the 24 "internationally leading" technologies independently developed by Gree, 22 are related to energy conservation. Through continuous independent innovation, Gree has developed more energy-saving and environment-friendly products, helped build a beautiful China with high-quality and efficient made in China, and promoted the upgrading of healthy life

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