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Green environmental protection is the development direction of modified plastic foam granulator.

If foamed plastic is not used through acceptance, because the flexible packaging material is mainly high molecular polymer or its related materials, it will form a great environmental pollution, and the acceptance of waste foamed plastic is gradually expanding, which also proposes the development of waste foam granulator in China, However, many foam granulator enterprises do not pay attention to environmental protection in their production experience, resulting in secondary purification of the situation, which violates the price of foam granulator

The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. The situation and problems are increasingly needed, and the resource power is more relaxed. In order to adapt to the application for foam granulator, foam granulator and waste foam granulator in the new era, in addition to being applied to meet the increasing selection requirements of the modified plastic Market for packaging quality and quantity, it is necessary to maintain the diligent and frugal resources as the starting point

foam granulator, foam granulator, waste foam granulator, foam granulator, foam granulator, waste foam granulator, the amount of waste products created by Enterprises above designated size is 54.74 million tons, an increase of 22.35% year-on-year In June, foam granulator, foam granulator, waste foam granulator and enterprises above Designated Size in the manufacturing industry paid 1398.77 billion yuan in main business, with a year-on-year increase of 2.773 billion yuan, achieving a profit of 73.83 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 2.932% for modified plastics But at the same time, the surplus balance of enterprises was 4.351 billion yuan, an increase of 43.65% year-on-year

with the continued presentation of new raw materials, new singing skills and new works, the sample money is generally high-performance and more conservative, and actively expands its application field. However, increasing the application limitations of foam granulator, foam granulator and waste foam granulator requires higher R & D and skill investment in the performance of foam granulator, foam granulator and waste foam granulator, which is bound to expand the application capital of foam granulator, foam granulator and waste foam granulator

in recent years, China's plastic machine industry has made great progress in using modified plastics. It produces various plastic granulators and more than 100000 foam granulator machines every year, which can basically meet the requirements of ordinary plastic raw material processing and plastic waste processing and molding. Except for several large plastic enterprise groups with junior facilities, the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises are mainly made in China. Because in terms of large-scale, comprehensive and high-speed equipment, foreign made products still have many deficiencies. Recently, we have dealt with the problem of small things. In recent years, the number of plastic machines imported into China has also increased rapidly, especially people's acceptance, takeover and monopoly are clearly increasing, so take the foam granulator as an example, the supply should not be demanded

China is convenient in the receiving and taking over industry of waste plastic modified plastic materials, and the process is not satisfactory. There is still a high potential for the re receiving and taking over operation of resources, and there is still a particularly large demand space for the foam granulator industry. At present, the foam granulator industry should pay attention to environmental protection. From the perspective of research, it should start with the discharge of waste water and waste gas. According to the special organization principle of foam granulator, it should operate a special drainage and exhaust device, and use recycled water to treat a small part of the extruded plastic cooling, so as to reduce the pollution caused by waste water and waste gas, and achieve the maximum environmental protection. This is also a strong bias that foam granulator industry needs to take

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