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Green printing has become the wind vane for the development of label printing industry. In recent years, green printing has been paid more and more attention. As a subdivision of printing, label printing has also begun to accept the inspection of enterprises and consumers with environmental awareness. Green label printing will be the sustainable development direction of all label printing enterprises

as an important part of product packaging, labels play an important role in the process of product sales. As a rising star of printing, the label industry is developing very fast and has broad prospects

the development of the label industry now mainly presents the following characteristics. The space of label printing market is very large. At present, the per capita label in China is less than 3 square meters, while the per capita label in developed countries is 15 to 20 square meters; The use space of labels is very large, including food and drugs and electronic labels, which reflect the large market of small labels. The variety of labels is becoming more and more abundant; The emergence of in membrane labels, electronic labels and so on is the direction, goal and entry point of enterprise transformation in the future. According to statistics, at present, the consumption of bar code paper labels in the world has exceeded 42billion square meters, with a total global sales of US $73 billion. Among them, China accounted for 22%, maintaining rapid growth; Western Europe accounts for 27%, slightly lower than the 28% of the United States, while eastern Europe only accounts for 8%; Japan accounts for 7% and South America for 6%; India and other regions account for 4%. According to this trend, label printing in China will soon rank first in the world. If effective measures are not taken, the rapidly developing label printing industry is bound to increase the pollution to the environment. The most fundamental reason is the misunderstanding of management and operators on extruded polystyrene board. Therefore, green and environmental protection has become the main direction of the development of the printing industry

the pollution of label printing to the environment is reflected in both the printing industry and the paper industry. According to the statistics of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the total COD emission of the paper industry is up to 1.682 million tons, accounting for 33% of the national industrial emission, ranking first. Therefore, the development of technology and equipment in the city, and the green development of label printing should go both ways. Now some enterprises have begun to work in this area

in terms of environmental protection, new label materials of enterprises such as Zhongshan Fuzhou and Allie Dennison are quite prominent. The author here takes Zhongshan Fuzhou and Ellie Dennison as examples

Zhongshan Fuzhou

in the context of global environmental protection and sustainable development, Zhongshan Fuzhou Adhesive Products Co., Ltd., as the upstream enterprise of the label industry chain, actively develops new environmental protection products and introduces this green wind into the label printing industry in advance. For the widely used film coated label material for water and oil resistance, Zhongshan Fuzhou invented a degradable film coated label material, whose performance is similar to that of PP material. The thickness (10 related household appliance enterprises need to ensure that the chemicals and raw materials used m) can be the same as that of plastic bags. However, the material is made by glucose fermentation, which can degrade automatically and has no pollution to the environment. Zhongshan Fuzhou Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of doing environmental protection with heart, and has written another wonderful stroke for made in China

Allie Dennison

multicycle launched by Allie Dennison is a unique and permanent film label scheme commonly used in recyclable beer and beverage containers, which can withstand more than 30 product life cycles *. Multicycle label has extraordinary shelf appeal, which is more efficient in operation and logistics, and more sustainable at the same time

multicycle, a new patent pending label solution, helps recyclable containers effectively resist the impact of the outside world on the label surface during use. It can even withstand the high temperature hot alkali bath during bottle cleaning. The design structure of this label is multi-layer alloy high carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel, cold working die steel, etc., and the printing ink can be rolled many times. Multicycle label can last until the bottle is discarded, so it has significant environmental protection effect

label printing has entered a new era. With the development of label printing industry, its position in China's printing industry is becoming more and more important. When the green economy becomes the development keynote of the global economy, it has become a trend to realize the green and environmental protection of the label printing section. At the same time, label printing enterprises must take this as a wind vane, constantly seek innovation, and become a long-term favorite in the printing field

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