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Call center personnel ratio analysis

call center is a typical labor-intensive industry. People are a vital part of the organization in the operation of call center, and they are particularly important for the traction of operation management quality in the whole operation process. Reasonable personnel ratio is not only the original driving force to ensure the achievement of various overall KPI indicators and the overall operation quality, but also an effective guarantee to reasonably control the operation cost and ensure the rationality and continuity of the operation mechanism. This article will make a relatively complete analysis and elaboration on this part of our customers

personnel composition of the call center

the organizational structure and personnel composition of the call center, according to the horizontal perspective, there are: first-line, second-line (shift leader), Tl, SV, OM and other positions, according to the vertical perspective, there are: operation team and support team, and the operation team includes: receiving team (inbound and outbound), non receiving team, The supporting team includes: statement specialist, plastic containing silver containing antibacterial agent, additional silver testing, training specialist, personnel administration specialist, quality control specialist, process engineer and other positions. The graphic display is:

I. prediction and analysis of the proportion of front-line personnel

1 Required conditions

historical business volume data

this data can be extracted from the marketing report of the company's marketing department and will be used as a reference for predicting future business volume

average staff work saturation

this data can be extracted from the attendance management report and will be used as the calculation condition of the number of personnel matching in the future

average CPH (processing capacity per hour)

this data can be extracted from the shift management table and will be used as the calculation condition of the number of personnel allocation in the future

2. Calculation method

future business volume future business volume = historical business volume + historical business volume x marketing growth ratio

number of personnel allocation

1. Calculation method

number of personnel allocation = (average number of seats per day X7)/average individual can work every week. Therefore, before electroplating metal parts, pay attention to the following days/average number of people, but the attendance rate of slow people

2. Examples

average number of seats per day 30, The average attendance rate of personnel is 90%

shift scheduling mechanism 7x8 (seven day working system, 8 hours a day, and the average number of working days per week is 5)

number of personnel = (30x7)/5/90% =210/5/90% =47 people

proportion of management personnel

first, operation management positions

according to the number of front-line personnel, take the organization management principle in human resource management - the ratio of the number of leaders to the number of team personnel 1:7 (plus or minus 2) as the basic principle of personnel allocation. At the same time, cost control factors should be considered and management personnel at all levels should be reasonably allocated. The following is the experience reference value:

Second, the functional management position

calculates the total working hours of the position according to the daily/weekly/monthly working hours of each position, and reverses the required matching manpower according to the provisions of the labor law. At the same time, it is necessary to consider cost control factors and reasonably allocate personnel for various functional management positions. For example:

the above content simply analyzes and expounds the manpower allocation data of different positions in the call center, that is, we know which personnel the call center is composed of and how many manpower should be allocated to different positions. The availability and standardized allocation of personnel is only the beginning and foundation of the operation of the call center. After that, it is still necessary to build and continuously optimize the operation system in accordance with the operation and management policy of "building systems, managing processes, clarifying division of labor, and focusing on efficiency", so as to make good use of people and maximize the effectiveness of personnel. Only in this way can we continue to ensure the overall operation quality of the call center and establish a good service brand externally, Truly become a window for enterprises to provide external services. CTI Forum Report

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