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Glass color printing machine manufacturers analysis of market trends

glass color printing machine, a rising mechanical printing equipment, society is progressing, science and technology are developing, and the concept of consumers is slowly becoming richer. Keeping up with the pace of changes in the times, the output of the glass color printing machine also follows the personality, which not only conforms to the personality that most people like, but also brings some help to industrial production. Its flexible and versatile characteristics have become an indispensable machine in the glass industry, which separates two fixtures and stretches samples at a certain speed

at the 2013 national glass printing academic annual meeting, experts believed that by the end of the 11th five year plan, China needs at least 800 glass color printing machines per year. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the market demand for glass color printing machines in China will reach 10000 sets. In addition to glass color printing machines, the demand for high-performance printing machines such as metal color printing machines, large-scale color printing machines, wood color printing machines, etc. is also increasing day by day

it is estimated that the market demand for these high-precision printing in China will reach 10billion yuan in the next 10 years. Such an urgent and huge market demand reflects that the means of glass printing has covered all important fields of the national economy, and also affects the breakthroughs of key technologies such as national defense and aerospace. Therefore, it is not only to solve the current domestic blank of this product, but also to solve the core problems of multi-level technology in the field of glass processing

facing the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, the competition in the glass color printing machine industry is more severe. The cost of the whole glass color printing machine industry is increasing, and the price is gradually decreasing. So where is the way out for glass color printing machine manufacturers in the handheld laser rangefinder? Is it innovation or small profits? This is a long-standing headache for many glass color printing machine manufacturers

with the rapid development of glass color printing technology and the continuous improvement of production technology, glass color printing machine, as a glass color printing equipment, quietly replaces the traditional silk screen printing equipment. In the face of dazzling and miscellaneous glass color printing machine models, as well as the random boasting of some manufacturers of glass color printing machine, the buyers of glass color printing machine are confused. The nozzle is the core component of glass color printing, It directly determines the performance and related application range of a glass color printer. For glass color printing machines, the better the nozzle, the better the color effect

the development of China's glass color printing manufacturing industry is currently hampered by the decline in the overall environment, low industry profits, and domestic technology bottlenecks that restrict the impact of glass color printing machines. The financing difficulties are exacerbated and prepare for the upcoming fuel test. Enterprises call on China to strengthen R & D investment in equipment manufacturing industry. If the sheet metal is not carefully scratched, take the high-end development route, and strengthen the top-level design to avoid the continuation of low-level repeated construction. In the 21st century, we need individuality and uniqueness

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