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The development of green buildings in China has attracted the attention of international authorities

as one of the important links to realize the sustainable development of experiments, including stretching, tightening, low cycle and high cycle fatigue of materials and parts, the development of green buildings in China is attracting the attention of International authorities. Ma Han, chief operating officer of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), recently expressed his appreciation for the rapid development of green buildings in China, and believed that some mega projects have set an example in maintaining urban ecology and improving building quality

Ma Han made the above statement at the "green building pioneer forum" held in Shanghai recently. At this forum, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the international well Architecture Institute (iwbi) joined hands with the star Bund financial and shipping cluster to jointly discuss the impact of green building on people and cities and the value of green building certification in the Chinese market

as one of the largest "green business buildings" in Asia, star thebund was regarded by the participants as an example of China's development of green buildings. This project innovatively focuses on the application of a number of green buildings worthy of wood plastic materials to closely follow the planning concept and energy-saving technology, including regional centralized energy system, ice storage system and river water source. In addition, the heat pump unit in its modern vehicle model, rainwater and reclaimed water collection system, free refrigeration over the season, CO2 monitoring indoor fresh air, heat recovery system, reclaimed water and rainwater recycling, waste recycling and recyclable material utilization, daylighting skylight Sinking square, itemized measurement, building automation system, etc. These low-carbon and energy-saving measures have effectively saved operating costs and improved the quality of the project

at the forum, USGBC issued LEED pre recognition certificates for the newly completed Air China central block office project and H55 office project on the star Bund. So far, all buildings on the star Bund have obtained LEED gold certification

Ma Han said that some mega projects in China, including the star Bund, have set an example in maintaining urban ecology and improving building quality

Huang Weijie, the general coordinator of the green building project of Air China on the star Bund, said that China's active participation in international certification of green buildings will not only gain recognition from the international market, but also carry out beneficial exploration for China to achieve a "green future"

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