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Xi'an's green buildings exceeded 10 million square meters

Xi'an's green buildings exceeded 10 million square meters

April 14, 2015

[China paint information] recently, Xi'an's building energy conservation work successfully passed the national comprehensive inspection and ranked among the top 10 provincial capital cities in China. By the end of 2014, the city's green buildings had reached more than 10 million square meters, and the goal of the 12th Five year plan was completed one year ahead of schedule

green buildings are developing rapidly. In terms of green building promotion, Xi'an issued the "Xi'an building energy efficiency demonstration project subsidy policy standard", compiled the country's first local "technical code for energy efficiency design of rural residential buildings" and the country's first "technical code for statistical monitoring system of energy consumption of public buildings", and mobilized and brought into play the subjective initiative of design units, development and construction units, construction and supervision units. Among them, Shaanxi Provincial Science and technology resources planning center has successfully won the "three-star green building identification certificate" from the Ministry of housing and urban rural development by using 19 new energy-saving technologies such as integrated ultra-low energy consumption and non-traditional energy systems, and has become the landmark of green public building projects in Xi'an; The office and plant project of bosige building system (Xi'an) located in the high tech Zone, with new technologies such as intelligent lighting, natural lighting, gas-fired infrared radiation heating, has won the first "three-star industrial green building evaluation mark" in China, and has become a model of industrial green buildings in the province and even the country

remarkable achievements were made in energy conservation in 2014. Last year, Xi'an also built the country's second solar photovoltaic street lighting project on the mountain ring road at the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains, with a length of nearly 21 kilometers, eliminating the potential safety hazards of driving and passing at night; We have completed the energy audit and publicity of office buildings and large public buildings of 25 state organs according to law; The "basic information database of existing buildings in Xi'an" and "statistical database of energy consumption of civil buildings in Xi'an" have been established, and the first pilot project of remote energy automatic monitoring and control in Northwest China has been implemented. Rural energy conservation work has also been strengthened. More than 1000 energy-saving villager houses have been built in Dongfan village, he village and Dian town of Zhouzhi County in Gaoling county

the modernization of the construction industry has been advancing steadily. Recently, Xi'an declared Zhouzhi County as a renewable energy building application demonstration county in Shaanxi Province, and organized and implemented a number of national and provincial building integration demonstration projects of solar photovoltaic. The modernization of construction industry is a sunrise industry recently promoted by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. The implementation of construction industrialization can shorten the construction period, improve the working environment, and promote the transformation of migrant workers to new industrial workers. The Municipal Construction Commission and Xi'an construction engineering group have comprehensively launched the modernization of the city's knowledge building industry on hydraulic universal machines, and established Xi'an construction industry company and the construction industrialization standard design institute; The Municipal Construction Commission, Xi'an Construction Engineering Group and Xi'an University require high molecular polymers to have necessary mechanical properties when they are used as materials. The technical specification for assembling integral concrete structures (Provisional) edited by colleges and universities and related enterprises has been promulgated and implemented in Shaanxi Province as a local standard, and has basically established an integrated system of production, learning and research. Considering the future global energy, Xi'an Construction Engineering Group Weibei Industrial Park base, Recently, it has also been recognized by the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development as the first construction industry modernization base in the province. The base will make a positive contribution to the realization of energy conservation and consumption reduction, the reduction of secondary dust on the construction site, and the control of pollution and haze in Xi'an

Xi'an Construction Commission also drafted the "guiding opinions on promoting the modernization of Xi'an construction industry", which will be implemented after deliberation by the municipal government. At the same time, the municipal construction commission is also preparing the "technical specifications for the application of solar street lighting technology", which fills the gap of such specifications in the country; The "Tenth Five Year Plan for building energy conservation in the city" is being drafted, and a seminar on "green buildings and sustainable development cities" will be held to promote the development of green buildings

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