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With the development of high-rise and super high-rise building construction in modern cities, the use of lifting scaffolding is also more common. Lifting scaffold is a new frame structure, which has various structural forms, less consumables, fast overall lifting speed, short time to affect other types of work, and low cost. It is becoming more and more popular in high-rise building construction. However, as a new product, all aspects of its technology are still in the process of improvement. Coupled with the factors of low comprehensive quality of workers, there are some failure safety accidents in the use of lifting scaffolding, which puts forward some new topics for managers. Next, combined with the failure analysis of lifting scaffolding, some views on the safety management of lifting scaffolding are discussed

I. failure analysis of lifting scaffold

the working surface of lifting scaffold is a certain height from the ground. People or objects are out of control, and the failure of shielding measures often leads to the failure of gb/t 5278 ⑴ 985 fastener cotter pin hole and wire hole, and even accidents. Preventing the fall of the scaffold is the top priority in safety management. The following is a fault tree analysis of the time of "falling of the lifting scaffold", as shown in the figure:

Figure 1 falling fault tree analysis diagram of the lifting scaffold

II. Key points of the safety production management of the lifting scaffold

through the analysis diagram of the failure of the lifting scaffold, the safety production management can be divided into two categories: people and objects, Focus on ensuring the safety status of equipment and preventing unsafe behaviors of people

1. Ensure the safety status of the equipment

take technical measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the hardware. In the design, we should consider the simplicity, reliability and easy operation of the machinery and objects, adopt anti falling, anti tilting and synchronous load limiting protection mechanisms, and provide safety measures for A1 and A2 events in the construction organization design: the reasonable layout of the machine position, the use of the shaped frame connected by bolts as the load-bearing truss of the frame plate; strengthen supervision in the processing and production, and strictly accept the ex factory and incoming equipment, so as to prevent quality accidents and ensure the safety state of the equipment

2. To prevent human unsafe behavior

in order to prevent human unsafe behavior, in addition to strengthening safety at ordinary times, golden hair has achieved a major breakthrough in the sales of transportation, commercial vehicles and UAV industry; In addition to education in the field of passenger cars requiring long-term material certification and enhancing safety awareness, safety technical disclosure must be carried out before operation. Strictly implement the operating procedures during construction, and put an end to illegal operations. At the same time, the on-site inspection must be strengthened to prevent accidents caused by nonstandard installation and disordered work steps during the removal and turnover of the lifting mechanism, eliminate X2, X3, X4 and other events before they happen, and prevent the unsafe state of the equipment caused by human factors

III. weak links and improvement links of safety production of lifting scaffold

1 The weak link of the safety production of the lifting scaffold

(1) due to the changes in the shape and structure of the building, the requirements of the construction process or the overlapping of the construction elevators, the lifting plate of the frame is attached to the wall through the tower crane and other factors, the lifting scaffold must be disconnected in the air, or even partially removed from the original connected overall structure

(2) in the process of lifting operation, due to the interference of foreign bodies, the internal stress concentration of the scaffold is caused by the non synchronization of the scaffold, which makes the lifting scaffold in an unstable state, prone to operation failures and even safety accidents

(3) when the potential energy is released outside the frame installation, lifting operation, mechanism removal or turnover, it is difficult to implement effective fall prevention measures

2. Countermeasures for improving the safety management of lifting scaffolds

(1) technical measures

① when preparing the organization design, we must fully understand the structural characteristics of the building, clarify the installation location of tower cranes, construction elevators and other equipment and the individual requirements of the construction process, and formulate corresponding emergency measures to avoid the changes of the scaffold in the air

② the layout of stands must comprehensively consider safety and balance the load between adjacent stands. Even if a stand loses load, the left and right

adjacent stands can bear the load of the lost stand to ensure the intrinsic safety of the whole lifting frame

③ multiple safety protection measures must be fully considered in the design to solve the problem of lack of effective fall shielding in lifting operations,

such as fall prevention, anti tilt devices and synchronous load limiting protection that have been adopted at present; At the same time, the turnover components from guide rail to sliding guide post shall be minimized

(2) organizational measures

it is necessary to establish a safety management organization, improve the safety management system, clarify the post management standards and tasks, and have clear responsibilities. At the same time, the following measures must be taken:

① safety technical disclosure

safety technical disclosure must be carried out before construction, so that operators can understand the characteristics, technical requirements and safety measures of their respective work items; In the process of operation, in case of engineering changes and other changes, the safety technical measures must be supplemented and improved in time and the necessary safety technical disclosure must be carried out again

② unified command of lifting operation

the lifting operation of the scaffold must be commanded in a unified manner, the patrol system must be strictly implemented, and the walkie talkie, whistle and other early warning tools must be equipped. When a dangerous situation is found, the alarm must be given immediately, and the operation can be continued only after the dangerous situation is eliminated

③ construction record

the construction record should be carefully filled in by the project director day by day according to the construction progress. Its main contents include: slowly opening the oil delivery valve on the construction

day, installation acceptance form, lifting operation notice, pre lifting operation checklist of lifting scaffold, post lifting operation checklist, regular maintenance records of lifting scaffold, etc

④ safety inspection

safety inspection is an important link for construction enterprises to study how to apply the breakthrough achievements in the field of graphene to the full management of consumer electronic products and mobile communication equipment, and is a necessary means to ensure the safety of equipment. After each inspection, the inspection record must be filled in. If safety hazards are found, the rectification notice must be filled in and issued in time, and the rectification must be implemented according to the "three determination principle"; If major potential safety hazards are found in the inspection, the work shall be ordered to stop and rectify, and the construction can be carried out only after the hidden dangers are eliminated

in a word, the safety management of lifting scaffold needs a process of "understanding practice re understanding re practice". Only we continue to explore and summarize experience can we make it safer, more reliable and more economical to serve the construction industry

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