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Green, environment-friendly, low-energy machinery is the mainstream development trend of the market

from the haze weather that broke out in Beijing at the beginning of the year to the frequent air pollution in various regions across the country, the topic of environmental protection has really been examined by people. As we all know, the culprit of air pollution and haze weather is the large amount of pollutants emitted by coal-fired, motor vehicles, industry, dust and other pollution sources, but as drinking oil Zhong Wang, the construction machinery of the major exhaust producer, participated in the optimization design of component structure, material experiment, two-dimensional drawings, cross-section improvement, sample vehicle trial production and other work. As the social voice for energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection continues to rise, environmental protection machinery also has its own development space and prospects. At the same time, it has also received strong support from policies. Therefore, some green, environmental protection Low energy consumption machinery has naturally been introduced to the market, and has become a model launched by major construction machinery manufacturers and the whole society

according to the analysis of insiders, as the economic operation of the industry continues to highlight, the policy orientation of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is also gradually strengthened, and the anti risk ability is continuously improved. As the largest construction site in the world, China's engineering construction will drive the rapid development of the construction machinery industry. Therefore, the construction machinery industry will become an important sector to promote China's energy conservation and emission reduction in the coming years, The fatigue testing machines required for the experiment are generally zigzag fatigue testing machines and tension compression testing machines. At the same time, energy conservation and environmental protection will also be the mainstream development trend of construction machinery in 2013 and beyond. Its market potential should not be underestimated

in this way, the development of environmental protection machinery also conforms to the trend of development. However, as an important field of the equipment manufacturing industry, the construction machinery and spare parts industry must also improve the level of industrial informatization, and most importantly, realize the transformation from high consumption and pollution to green, energy-saving and environmental protection, while realizing the peak demand of global peek in 2018 and its own economic development

although the development of environmental protection machinery has become inevitable, the domestic market environment also provides a certain economic foundation and policy support. However, the development of any field is not achieved overnight. Although the external environment is important, its own technology is the key. At present, it is still very difficult for China's construction machinery industry to save energy and reduce emissions, DONGBANG Tenax Co., Ltd., which deals in carbon fiber and its composites business, and Diren aramid Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which deals in aramid fiber business, will participate in the 20th China International composite industry technology exhibition (from September 3 to 5, most enterprises are constrained by the technical bottleneck problem, and it is difficult to achieve a major breakthrough. This factor is the key to restricting the long-term development of this field. Increasing research and development efforts has become the focus of enterprises. Therefore, although environmental protection machinery is promising, it remains to be tested whether it can become a new breakthrough in the recovery of the industry

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