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Green and intelligence are the two themes of the "anbaituo" summit of China's Cement mine work

green and intelligence are the two themes of the "anbaituo" summit of China's Cement mine work

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at present, the construction of green mines and intelligent mines has become the main theme of the development of China's Cement mine industry. As a global advanced productivity partner in mining and infrastructure, anbaituo's innovative and sustainable solutions will help the cement industry develop safer, smarter and more seamless

on September 11, the fourth China Cement mine work "anbaituo" summit, hosted by China Cement Association and co organized by anbaituo, was successfully held in Nanjing. In the face of increasingly stringent environmental protection and energy consumption standards and the surging digital wave, a transformation and upgrading of the cement mining industry has become a general trend

wangyutao, Secretary General of China Cement Association, said in his speech, "in recent years, under the requirements of the policies of the Ministry of environmental protection and the Ministry of land and resources, the development speed of cement mines is very fast. China Cement Association will work together with the Ministry of industry and information technology to do a good job in the formulation of intelligent mine standards, and I hope that all major enterprises can actively participate."

"today's green mine construction is a long-term work, which requires the continuous investment and efforts of cement mining enterprises to measure the torque of the spring at a fixed angle," said liulilong, Secretary General of the mining professional committee of China Cement Association: "The future '14th five year plan' should grasp the supportability of resources, the sustainability of green mine construction, and the creation and promotion of intelligent mines, including digital mines, safety assurance of mine production and other aspects."

anbaituo has always attached great importance to the development of the cement industry. Based on more than 140 years of experience, anbaituo can provide reliable equipment and advanced digital solutions for open-pit mining that can withstand all kinds of harsh working conditions and more accurate experimental data, and help customers break through the obstacles of extreme cold, high temperature or high altitude. The digital transformation of mines can not only improve safety and productivity, but also improve customer revenue

in the past, mechanized drilling rigs were often used in traditional open-pit mining, but if more intelligent ones such as anbaituo smartroc drilling rigs were used, productivity, accuracy and fuel efficiency could be greatly improved, while bulk ratio could be reduced. The benchremote remote control step workstation can control multiple machines within a safe distance, and it can also be less exposed to low noise and low dust levels. When the operation equipment is more intelligent and safe, the advantages of these advanced products will help to obtain a good total cost of ownership

anbaituo benchremote remote control step workstation and smartroc drilling rig

"today, we have a mature impact mode: single hammer impact or double hammer impact (also known as twice impact) solution and are on the right track (2) LCD Chinese character display. Anbaituo's innovative sixth sense digital intelligent solution will make our industry safer, smarter and more seamless." Sofie Gielen, vice president of anbaituo Greater China Communications, said, "I believe that in the future, we can work more closely with customers to jointly overcome the challenges of the industry and make this rather traditional industry a better future."

Sofie Gielen, vice president of Greater China Communications of anbaituo

not only in China, anbaituo has successfully provided strong support for Chinese customers' businesses in 50 overseas countries. In addition, anbaituo can also provide translation, training, contact and services. No matter where the customer is, there is the support of anbaituo

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