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Green BYD forklift strongly involved in the cold chain logistics industry

Green BYD forklift strongly involved in the cold chain logistics industry

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recently, the 2014 China cold chain industry annual meeting was held in Chengdu Pengshan Evergrande International Hotel. With the theme of "transformation and upgrading - exploring new driving forces for China's cold chain development", this annual meeting focuses on the current development status and future trends of China's cold chain industry. The impact of the equipment industry chain represented by new technology and new energy on the cold chain industry. BYD forklift sponsored this annual meeting with the theme of "quality inheritance and energy endurance", which also marks the ambition of BYD forklift to strongly intervene in the cold chain industry

as the only sponsor of the cocktail party of this annual meeting, BYD forklift not only prepared wonderful performances such as Sichuan opera face changing and women's folk music, but also carefully prepared rich gifts such as iPad and BYD mobile power, which aroused the great interest of the public present. The atmosphere of the venue was active, compact and orderly

in addition, this annual meeting will also hold the biennial "Golden Chain Award" award ceremony and announce the list of "top 100 enterprises" of China's cold chain logistics in 2014. This award selection is mainly to commend the people and enterprises who have made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of China's cold chain industry in the past two years, ③ wolf formula, and promote the promotion and use of advanced cold chain products and technologies. As the global leader of electric forklifts, Shaoguan BYD Industrial Co., Ltd. has won the unanimous affirmation and recognition of expert judges for its zero pollution and zero emission performance, and won the award of excellent product application case of China cold chain "Golden Chain Award" at one stroke. This award proves that BYD's practice of creating maximum value for customers has won high recognition in the whole industry. Recently

in recent years, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, and China is the largest construction site in the world, and the pollution produced by the construction machinery and equipment industry accounts for a large proportion. Today, when the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, environmental friendly construction machinery will become the focus of demand. At present, the main products on the market are internal-combustion forklifts and lead-acid battery forklifts, both of which cannot be truly environmental friendly and pollution-free. The iron battery carried by BYD forklifts has no heavy metal pollution in the production process and zero emission in the use process. It is a truly green environmental forklift, which has truly solved the pollution problem caused by forklifts for the first time

as a rookie in the forklift industry, BYD is committed to improving the efficiency of logistics operations for enterprises, especially the research on material handling solutions in the emerging e-commerce industry and cold chain industry

BYD forklift truck always insists on starting from customer needs, constantly innovating, developing and providing personalized products and services, and providing customers with personalized material handling solutions. BYD forklifts are especially suitable for equipment in the cold chain industry, especially for medicine. "The filiform new materials we have launched in the field of 3D printing technology can enrich the existing product lines for use in cold chain, food, airports and other occasions with high environmental requirements, and a new round of rise is about to begin in the cold chain industry

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