Film linearization processing of the hottest laser

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Processing of film linearization of laser Imagesetter

film linearization of laser Imagesetter usually sprays paint with special color effect on the surface of the workpiece, which refers to: according to the different characteristics of various types of film and developing solution, adjust the point curve on rip in order to faithfully oppose the manufacturing process of the experimental plate (also known as the experimental platform), which requires high point size of the original. Printing requires faithful restoration of the original, which requires accurate restoration of points. Due to the difference of sensitivity, density, tolerance, reaction degree with various drugs, development time, temperature and other factors of various films, the degree of reduction point of various films is also different, so it is necessary to adjust the point curve. When making film linearization, we need to pay attention to the following problems:

1. First, check whether the photosensitive wavelength of the film used is consistent with the light source of the laser Imagesetter

2. Before making film linearization, it is necessary to ensure that the state of the tablet maker is normal, that is, the developer and fixer solution is fixed, so its energy consumption is only 1/2 of the latter solution concentration is correct, and the developer and fixer time and temperature are fixed. Film linearization can be done in the second case

3. Before film linearization, check whether the field density of the image is suitable for printing. Generally speaking, the field density of coated paper printing is required to be more than 4.0, and that of newspaper printing is required to be more than 3.4. Therefore, the light value of the imagesetter must be adjusted first to achieve the required density

4. when adjusting the density value, it is not that the higher the density, the better. Too high density will cause too far linear deviation. Take screen 3050 imagesetter as an example, Konica film density is generally adjusted to: 4 2, higher than 4.2, the point should be 50% of the place will rise to more than 60%, and then linear adjustment, the effect is not good. When the density is appropriate, the actual value of the place where the point should be 50% is about 50% - 56%

5. The concentration of traditional Chinese medicine liquid in the tablet processor will change every day, which will affect the reduction of points. Therefore, film linearization should be done every day for highly demanding prints, and film linearization should also be done every day for conditional output centers

6. When changing the solution or film, we must re linearize the film

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