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The utility model relates to a film feeding device of a plastic film packaging machine, which comprises a reel film release, a transmission mechanism and a film feeding guide mechanism. The utility model is characterized in that: the film feeding device is composed of a lapel type guide device that prevents the drum film from wrinkling into the film packaging and makes the film sink and tighten, and an automatic deviation correction device that makes the drum film feeding state stable. The lapel type guide device is divided into two main bodies, One is an open cylindrical cylinder, and the other is a curved tension plate. The two main bodies are welded and formed with metal plates. The shape must be a developable curved surface, which is set in the plastic film packaging of water purification bottles to realize the green and low consumption processing and forming of high molecular material products; 2. It is the first stage of the machine assembly line while effectively improving the utilization efficiency of high molecular raw materials. The automatic deviation correction device is arranged and distributed by the three parts of the guiding mechanism, photoelectric sensor and deviation correction mechanism in the reverse direction of the film. A group is installed on the left and right respectively, and is set at the rear stage of the lapel type guiding device. The utility model solves the automatic packaging of large volume objects with the whole roll of plastic film, and has the advantages of simple structure, small size, flexible and reliable use, The water purification quality of the 5-gallon water purification bottle is improved, and the popularization and application has good social benefits and economic benefits caused by the hydraulic test

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