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Kingdee k/3 group's financial management solution Chongqing Instrument No. 9 factory case

Yu Shiwei, a distinguished senior trainer of Hong Kong Guanghua School of management, ranked second in the severity of the error "failing to inspire staff" in his book "11 mistakes often made by professional managers", which is self-evident. Our managers in charge often make themselves tired all day long because they can't give full play to their subjective initiative

then why can't a leader of an enterprise always inspire his staff? The reason is that the managers are unwilling to delegate power, or the authorization is not in place, which leads to the low efficiency of the whole enterprise. We often say that a person only does two things in the enterprise: the most important thing and the most urgent thing, but the fact is that people often finish the least urgent thing and leave work before the most urgent thing starts. A person spends 90% of his energy in the enterprise and only does 10% of the things

this will lead to slow action and low work efficiency of the whole organization, and it may also carry the burden of loss. But managers also have a headache, decentralization? What if you let go of power and mess up? No? The manager is not Superman. How can he finish everything? Therefore, the management of the enterprise is constantly swaying in the ideological swing of the leaders

but when I saw Wang Daofu, the director of Chongqing No.9 instrument factory, I got a very important enlightenment: the basis of enterprise decentralization is the transparent operation of enterprises, and to make enterprises transparent, we must carry out information transformation

Chongqing No.9 instrument factory is a subordinate enterprise of China Silian Instrument Group. It mainly produces and operates more than a dozen major categories of products, such as automatic instruments and control systems, analytical instruments, electrical instruments, optical instruments, instrument components, instrument materials, special integrated circuits for electromechanical instruments, automotive and motorcycle instruments and parts, environmental protection equipment, high, medium and low voltage electrical cabinets, computer fuel dispensers and experimental design, which are sold at home and abroad

but in 1999, such a booming enterprise had a sales revenue of only 19million, a loss of more than 5 million, and its wages could not be paid. It was on the verge of bankruptcy. In the words of Wang Daofu, "at that time, almost all the problems of state-owned enterprises were on us". That is, at the critical moment of the survival of this enterprise, Wang Daofu took office

in the past four years, the ninth factory has focused on the market through various aspects of management, and the development speed is very fast. Now 30% per year? The growth rate of D40% has reached 50million to 60million in 2003, which has doubled by two somersaults in four years. Moreover, the whole staff basically didn't leave, and the technicians also stayed. The whole benefit turned from a loss of 5million three years later, and the estimated profit in 2003 was 200? D3 million

seeing such a achievement, we should not only ask: why has there been such a big change in just three years

Wang Daofu is an honest man with a thick appearance. He has a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose and always speaks in a gentle tone. People can't imagine the scene when he had to go to the enterprise informatization and slap his colleagues at the table in order to insist on losing money. However, we can imagine that an enterprise that has lost 5million tons of lithium concentrate from mtmarion lithium mine, 15000 tons and 16600 tons respectively, will have to spend a lot of money to buy management software. There must be a lot of opposition in the factory, and the reason for opposition is strong: enterprises are losing money like this, why do you have to spend so much money on invisible things like informatization

Wang Daofu doesn't think so. He believed that if the enterprise did not change and still lost money as before, it would be better to close down and leave. At the same time, he is also reflecting on why there are always people in enterprises who want to leave? Why should excellent talents leave? This shows that the problem of management is not caused by the leaders' failure to work hard, but by their ineffective working methods. For example, in previous enterprises, there was no way to assess someone fairly. The reason was very simple, because many things we did were not quantified. Based on this idea, Wang Daofu decided to gamble and bought Kingdee's financial and logistics software at one go

in this way, the enterprise can trace everything. Because the input signal saves 3 significant digits, the frequency is low, and everyone's workflow has a basis. After the launch of informatization, Wang Daofu felt deeply

"you used to buy this book and spent ten yuan. Now it can be done with only five yuan. I think you are working hard. I can check such data at any time." According to such a strict assessment system, the cost of procurement has been greatly reduced

seeing that the financial loopholes were gradually filled and the capital operation of the enterprise was getting better and better, Wang Daofu decided to start full authorization

"in the past, we all thought that the appointment of cadres depended on relationships, but after I launched the information software, we began to develop the habit of speaking with data in everything. You said you were qualified for this position. Well, you can speak with data. Without data and target completion rate, there is no relationship." Wang Daofu said so

with a set of systematic evaluation, Wang Daofu began to fully authorize, boldly appoint young people, and those who are capable. Each department is evaluated every month, so although the director of each department seems to have great power, the power behind it often means to carry more

"now I can check everyone's work situation anytime and anywhere, and decide whether this person will continue to stay in this position. After the implementation of enterprise informatization, these things have become simple."

the quantitative work makes every employee of the ninth factory dare not neglect at work. The directors of each department are also busy with the performance of their own department every day and begin to learn to take responsibility for their own

Chinese people have a characteristic of speaking, like to say "I think". But often when we say this sentence, it means that we have been wrong. If we are wrong, we will be wrong. What else is there to say? The rest is how to bear this

in the process of implementing information management in the ninth factory, with the decentralization of power, the directors of each business division bear great pressure and feeling, because they know

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