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Digital signs have been widely used in transportation, medical treatment, electricity, communications, commerce, education, hotels, military, finance and other fields

as a new form of media communication, digital signage has received great attention and praise from the industry both abroad and at home since its emergence, because it can transmit information in real time, change information, and integrate audio and video effects. The development of Digital Signage Industry in foreign countries has a history of decades, while in China, it has only a decade of development, and it directly draws on foreign mature technology and experience

from the initial blank period to 2009, China's digital signage market has experienced explosive growth. At present, it has entered a stable growth period, and the demand framework of the market has taken shape. However, factors such as the large-scale expansion of foreign enterprises, the sharp squeeze on domestic manufacturers, the changes in the international economic environment and the development bottleneck of the industry itself have forced digital signage manufacturers to embark on the road of transformation

the development of the industry is limited by the economic environment

at present, affected by international economic factors such as the European debt crisis and the US debt crisis, the global economy has slowed down. Although China's economy has developed steadily on the whole, it is difficult to be alone in the context of globalization. As a barometer of economic development, advertising industry is closely related to economic development. Under the background of high economic development expectations, enterprises have large development space and high demand for publicity of their own products; When the economy is depressed and expectations are low, enterprises hold a tight and wait-and-see attitude towards advertising. Therefore, in the context of economic weakness, digital signage, as a part of advertising media, will naturally be affected

therefore, under the influence of the global economy and the phased characteristics of the industry development, China's Digital Signage Industry has entered a period of slow development after experiencing rapid development before 2009. In this regard, the person in charge of a digital signage enterprise said: on the whole, there is a very obvious positive correlation between the economic index and the development of the digital signage market. When the economy shrinks, customers' money bags are tight, and their money bags are tight. Naturally, customers will not give priority to advertising, which directly affects our market development. In this regard, we have practical experience. However, other enterprises believe that whether the economic situation is good or not is actually beneficial to enterprises. When the economic situation is good, enterprises quickly attack to seize the market and accumulate funds and experience; When the economic situation is slightly worse, you can take the opportunity to sleep and adjust, improve your own technology and industrial chain, so as to stand at a higher starting point to participate in market competition when the economy turns better

both focus on demand and higher than demand

the existence of the market is 15. Displacement control accuracy (speed): better than 1% of the indicated value. Based on the needs of users, facing the emerging market of digital signs, enterprises should pay more attention to how to meet the main needs of customers. Only when the needs of customers are met, can the prosperity of the whole industry be promoted in turn. However, enterprises should not only consider from the perspective of meeting customer needs, but also look at the development of the whole industry from a long-term perspective, and want to develop customer needs in front of customers

the continuous improvement of technology has aggravated the problem of product homogenization, coupled with the cross-border rush of many IT manufacturers and large screen manufacturers, the competition in the digital signage market is becoming increasingly fierce, which has become one of the stumbling blocks to the further development of the industry. Technological breakthroughs are often subject to the level of technological development of the economy of the whole society and other related industries. For example, the development direction of the communication industry is inseparable from the development of information technology

in view of the continuous improvement of the status of software, more and more digital label manufacturers began to shift the focus of competition, increase investment in software, and lead the needs of users. Software is service, and the essence of the improvement of the status of Digital Signage Software is the continuous enhancement of service. In view of the continuous refinement of the application market, in order to meet the personalized needs of different users, software development is used as a carrier to provide customized solutions for users in segmented fields, which has become a sharp weapon for many manufacturers to expand the market

system integration breaks the strange circle of homogenization

every emerging industry will face the bottleneck of homogenization development after it has developed to a certain stage. Then, with the gradual maturity of market development, the industry will be equipped with a common magnodyn electromagnetic excitation system, which will resonate and produce vibration more and more standardized and refined. Digital signage products have a wide range of applications, including transportation, medical treatment, monitoring, power, communication, commerce, education, hotel, military, finance and other industries. Because digital signage has such a wide range of market application scenarios in the Chinese market, it is difficult for enterprises to take this cake alone, and enterprises are also standing at the crossroads between the business shop to the full field market or a certain segment of the market

according to the analysis of insiders who must adopt the formula of landing spectrum calculation, the digital signage industry will inevitably experience such a reshuffle. How to find a more suitable way for their own development in the stagnant period of product and industry development is very important. The diversified market allows opportunities and challenges to coexist. In the face of a huge market, it is unrealistic to obtain more shares in all industries. Therefore, it is necessary to develop distinctive product features, identify market positioning, narrow the focus, provide perfect solutions for target industries and customer groups, and then expand the application mode. Vertical extension will bring benefits of sustainable development. At the same time, we should also increase the construction of channels, promote brands, quickly open up popularity, take the initiative to spread and dominate the market

Samsung is currently the industry's leading provider of digital signage solutions. At this year's Samsung digital signage strategy and new product launch, Zhai Antarctica, product manager of Samsung Electronics' Greater China business division, said about Samsung's digital signage development strategy: in 2013, in terms of products, Samsung will provide more competitive digital signage products and solutions; In terms of channels, Samsung will develop sales channels that meet the regional coverage criteria, gradually create a fair and reasonable channel environment, and give full support according to the expansion and control capabilities of partners, so as to give full play to the complementary advantages of both sides; In different industry segments, small and medium-sized enterprises, retail, catering and other industries are the core of promotion, radiating more digital signage application markets

some people in the automotive track industry believe that even in the future, the digital signage industry will not have a dominant pattern. For customers, what they buy is not only a display terminal that plays content, but also the most important thing is to get services, which has a high professional content. Therefore, it has become the consensus in the industry that manufacturers need to integrate products and service systems to break the cycle of homogenization with integrated services

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