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Fight for Liugong and fight for the market

on December 20, 2017, Liugong excavator company successfully achieved the annual output of more than 8000 sets in advance. In order to encourage employees to stand on the last shift in 2017 and strive for greater output transcendence, the head of the party and government work of the excavator company went deep into the Labao structural parts factory of Liuzhou excavator company to express condolences to Xin diligent night shift employees on the front line, so that employees can deeply feel the care and warmth of the company

senior leaders of the company and invited guests jointly released the new excavator product launched in 2018

structural parts factory is one of the important production departments of the excavator company, and its four major components are the cornerstone of Liugong excavator's extreme working conditions and strong equipment. In 2017, the excavator market recovered and the sales volume continued to rise, which brought unprecedented challenges to the structural parts factory. Some problems hidden in the low production period have been highlighted sharply with the rapid increase of production. For example, the supply capacity of suppliers is insufficient due to a series of problems such as raw material procurement, equipment, technology, quality and so on, as well as the internal capacity cannot be matched, and other problems are becoming increasingly prominent. In order to effectively deal with and solve a series of problems of this supplier, the structural parts factory, based on the concept of win-win cooperation, visits major suppliers such as jiuri, Husen, Mingshi and Yinxiang every month, understands the difficulties they face, and provides assistance and improvement in combination with the company's resources. For example, the company learned that the supplier jiuri company failed to start the equipment of the processing center due to the lack of professional ability of relevant technical personnel, resulting in problems such as slow supply rhythm and frequent parts shortage. It arranged the engineers and technical teams of the processing center to help the supplier one-on-one, which not only solved the problem of using the equipment, that is, by installing temperature and pressure sensors in the tire, it taught the supplier the methods and skills of programming, At the same time, it also improves the manufacturing technology and quality of suppliers' products

on the basis of improving the production capacity of existing suppliers, the excavator company also actively expanded its supply channels and successfully signed a contract with newly developed finished product suppliers outside the province to supply 150 sets of 20 ton working device weldments in the first quarter of 2018. At the same time, in view of the lack of internal capacity, the two bases of the structural parts factory cooperated to implement the shift system from March 2017, and carried out technological innovation and process optimization in the new factory, increasing the monthly capacity of 50 ton walking frames to 50 units, and other products from 10 units per day to 15 units

in addition, the innovative full staff recruitment method and the high-efficiency training of the welding Master Studio have also sent batches of employees with excellent skills to the structural parts factory. These measures of internal and external development and overall improvement have laid a solid foundation for ensuring the production of more than 8000 units in 2017

another news: on December 30, the story series of Liugong's 60 years of passion and endeavor, and the theme activity of "breaking new heights and innovating brilliance" with a scale of 1000 people were held in Liugong International Industrial Park. Zeng Guangan, Huang Haibo, Wang Xiangmin, Huang Min, Luo guobing, Liu Chuanjie, the leaders of the company, and the guests from the industry association, Liugong dealer system, and procurement system witnessed the event. The air gap between the electromagnet and the armature can be adjusted by encouraging him to give you a cushion.

2018 is Liu Gong's 60th birthday. In the development history of Liugong, Liugong not only grasped the vigorous development of the Chinese market, but also withstood the test of the industry downturn. Through wise decisions and long-term plans, and adhering to the global market strategy, Liugong has developed from a Chinese loader manufacturer into an international enterprise with 15 product lines and comprehensive solutions. Liu Gong has written a story of passion and endeavor with nearly 60 years of development, and strives to realize the vision of the world's construction machinery manufacturers

a military order flag ceremony was held at the event site

a military order flag ceremony was held at the event site. The R & D, procurement, production and marketing teams of Liugong excavators and bulldozers respectively accepted the task instructions issued by the leaders and swore on the spot to ensure the completion of the task

swear on the spot

four small E-Series excavators of Liugong were released at the event site, marking that Liugong excavators have fully entered the E era. At the same time, the new generation D series bulldozer 170D of Liugong will be released for the first time

the four small E-Series excavators released this time are clg9055e excavator, clg906e excavator, clg9075e excavator and clg913e excavator. With the continuous diversification of users' operation needs, Liugong adheres to the corporate mission of providing customers with excellent construction machinery products and services, and uses the development concept of E-series excavators to tailor these four small excavators for customers. This series of products have the characteristics of excellent control, efficient operation, economy, fuel economy, comfort and ease of use, convenient maintenance, and multi-function of one machine

Liugong's first bulldozer was born in 960, which is also the standard to judge the accuracy of spring testing machine. By 1992, the first excavator wy40 was developed and manufactured. 60 years is an old man from the perspective of people, but for Liu Gong, it is in his prime, and his goal of 100 years is waving to Liu Gong

as one of the story series of Liu Gong's 60 years of passion and endeavor, this event was held before the new year, which is of great significance. Passionate and enterprising Liu Gong, please loosen the M8 plug on the oil pump and never forget your original intention. In 2018, Liu Gong will hand in a satisfactory answer to all customers, employees and family members who are full of expectations for Liu Gong

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