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Chaoda wire and cable Co., Ltd.

1 Overview

Chaoda wire and cable Co., Ltd., registered in 1997, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacture of cables and accessories. The registered capital is 310million yuan, the total assets is 570million yuan, and the annual production capacity is 300000 kilometers. The company mainly produces medium and high voltage cables, low voltage wires and cables, fireproof cables and other products. Including 28 varieties, 14 voltage levels, 538 models, and the normal loading speed range is 0.001~20 in/Min (1in.=2.54cm), 22827 specifications. The products sell well in North China, East China, and most self-healing polymers mainly rely on hydrogen bonds or metal ligands to form northwest, southwest, central China, and other regions, covering 29 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country, with a market share of 6.0% in the province. It has been selected as one of the top 100 enterprises in China's cable industry for three consecutive years

2. Quality level

the company actively introduces advanced quality management methods, and summarizes and refines the three-dimensional one-heart quality management mode that takes the defect free product quality as the core and ensures product quality from the three dimensions of technological innovation, quality system and quality supervision. The company attaches importance to technological innovation and product research and development, and continues to invest a lot of money in the process improvement of copper core and copper sheath magnesium oxide insulated cable products. The five indicators of product implementation standard, test standard, fire resistance temperature, fire resistance time and production length are higher than the benchmark and competitors. China's first five core magnesium oxide mineral insulated fire-proof cable with a large length (more than 3000 meters) was successfully offline in Chaoda intelligent manufacturing zone, which has made great contributions to China's fire-proof cable national environmental safety protection, urban construction, and the protection of people's property and life safety, and has played a demonstration and leading role in the transformation and upgrading of cable enterprises in Hebei Province

3. Innovation ability

the company has successively built five innovation platforms with a Rockwell hardness of 0.002mm, including the national high-tech enterprise, Hebei enterprise technology center, Hebei fire-resistant cable technology innovation center, Hebei giant entrepreneurship team, and the insulation material R & D base of Hebei electric wire and Cable Industry Research Institute. Taking Chaoda fireproof cable intelligent manufacturing zone as Hebei fireproof cable R & D base and training base, Chaoda fireproof cable expert committee was composed of several authoritative experts, such as winners of national science and technology progress award, members of national standard drafting committee, winners of government subsidies, etc., formed Hebei fireproof cable enterprise alliance, and established a high-level R & D team. It has 16 core technologies such as argon arc welding and seamless welding. In the past three years, it has successively obtained 12 utility model patents and 2 invention patents, led the preparation of 21 enterprise standards and participated in the compilation of 1 local standard

4. Brand influence

the company pays attention to strengthening brand cultivation, management and evaluation. We have carried out technological innovation cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Cable Research Institute and Hebei University of science and technology, and developed a variety of new products such as mineral insulated flexible fire-proof cables and metal insulated mineral insulated flexible cables. In general, the sales volume reached 77.966 million yuan, and the profit margin of new product output value reached 10.8%. Ningchao trademark is a well-known trademark in China and one of the top 100 enterprises in Hebei Province with a trademark value of 120million yuan. The enterprise R & D center and testing center are shared in Hebei Province, making the fire-proof cable in Hebei Province the leader in the country, with high brand awareness and recognition, and strong brand advantages

5. Operating results

over the past decade, it has supplied more than 10 billion yuan for national key projects and high-speed rail construction, rail transit construction, urban construction, national electricity, etc. In the past three years, the main business income increased from 413.1 million yuan in 2016 to 812.4 million yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of 96.7%; The profit increased from 35.3 million yuan in 2016 to 92.04 million yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of 160.7%. The market share has increased steadily and has ranked among the suppliers of central enterprises

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