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Kestar was listed among the top 100 suppliers of China's top 500 computer merchants in 2010

recently, the results of the industry-renowned 2010 (8th) China's top 500 computer merchants large-scale selection activities were announced. The list of top 100 suppliers, top 200 solution providers, top 100 distributors, top 100 retail channels, top 70 retailers, and top 30 it stores of China's top 500 computer merchants in 2010 was freshly released. Among them, Shenzhen kestar Technology Co., Ltd. (), a flagship brand manufacturer in mainland China's UPS industry, was once again selected into the list of top 100 suppliers of China's top 500 computer merchants, rising from 63rd in 2009 to 62nd, and continued to maintain the highest ranking of Chinese Mainland's local UPS manufacturers in the list over the years

the selection activity of China's top 500 computer merchants (cpw500), sponsored by the computer business newspaper of China's well-known IT channel newspaper group, was founded in 2003 and has been successfully held for seven times. From the perspective of professional media, it adopts objective and scientific research methods to conduct multidimensional selection of almost all domestic IT enterprises, which is a true reflection of the comprehensive strength of enterprises. As the opportunity and market value brought by the IT ecological map and industrial coordinates drawn by the top 500 have exceeded the selection itself, this series of activities has become one of the most influential brands in the IT industry. This survey takes the actual turnover of the main business of the candidate enterprises from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 as the main evaluation index, and comprehensively evaluates its business scale, service ability, profitability, business credit, cooperation level, sustainable development ability and other indicators

1. The tensile test survey shows that 2009 is a challenging year for China's IT market. The macro market environment has had a significant impact on the performance of IT product suppliers, and the market inertia that has continued in the past has been broken. There are signs of differentiation in the market trends of different product segments. Affected by the market environment, the sales growth momentum of IT product suppliers has been significantly suppressed. However, under the influence of the national 4trillion investment policy, the introduction of measures to bring computers to the countryside, the construction of transportation infrastructure, the opening of 3G networks, the acceleration of medical reform and other related measures have brought a certain pulling effect to the IT market, basically offsetting the impact of adverse factors. Under the joint action of the two aspects, the total turnover of the top 100 suppliers in 2009 was basically the same as that of the previous year. This is also the first time that the total turnover of the top 100 suppliers has stopped growing in the eight years since the survey and selection of China's top 500 computer merchants was carried out

in terms of the industry concentration trend, the survey shows that all kinds of it businesses, whether they are the top 100 suppliers, the top 200 solution providers and the top 100 distributors, have shown obvious scale effects. The scale effect of suppliers is particularly obvious. The top 10 suppliers accounted for 57.7% of the turnover of the top 100 suppliers in 2007 and 65% in 2009. It can be seen from the above survey data that the maturing IT market is increasingly becoming the battlefield of IT giants, and the living space of small and medium-sized suppliers is getting smaller and smaller

as a local UPS industry leader in Chinese Mainland, based on its obvious advantages in realizing "replacing wood with plastic", kestar achieved a good performance in the domestic UPS market, which was cold due to the impact of the financial crisis, and achieved a performance far higher than the average growth rate of the industry in 2009, based on the joint excellent performance of the selection of large industry institutions and the centralized procurement market, the high-end UPS market in the data center, and the regional distribution market, It not only easily won the top ten consecutive sales of local brands, but also ranked first in the local brand share of the UPS market, the most representative high-end application market in the UPS industry. With its leading edge, it has become the main power supplier of a series of national key projects such as the Shanghai WorldExpo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the west east gas transmission project, etc. In addition to the general-purpose UPS uninterruptible power supply, Guangdong kestar Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of kestar, has a full range of UPS supporting lead-acid battery products (with functions that can prevent electrolyte leakage, fire and thermal runaway hazards during battery use, lead poisoning caused by battery leakage, etc. 3. According to the industry and functional characteristics, it can be divided into leak proof patent tray patent technology 8.4 machined surface of experimental machine parts), As well as kestar's full range of high-quality cabinets, modular UPS, lightning protection, PDU and other computer room products, in the past year, they have created broad value-added and growth space for agents at all levels in the country

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