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Jiatong tire explores the innovative values of "AI Artificial Intelligence"

Shanghai, September 19, 2018 -- when artificial intelligence continues to penetrate into human daily life and change human cognition, how can human beings rebuild the relationship between human and machine cooperation, and how can they plan the future life in the era of artificial intelligence? Recently, just as the 2018 World AI conference was successfully held in Shanghai, the "sanyanshe" hosted by Jiatong tire, a global tire leader, also specially invited Dr. Kaifu Li, an AI scientist and CEO of innovation factory, to talk with chenyingyi, chairman of Jiatong tire, about "how Ai Ai will reshape the future of individuals, businesses and society", and jointly discuss the general trend of the AI era in the next decade

Chen Yingyi, chairman of Jiatong tire (left), was presented with a signed gift from Dr. Kaifu Li (right)

"sanyanshe" activity site, Chen Yingyi, chairman of Jiatong tire, said: "In recent years, Ai Ai has had an increasing impact on our traditional industries. AI is not a scourge, but an effective tool to promote the development and innovation of enterprises and society, and calculate the cross arm travel error value should not exceed 1%. As a social enterprise, we should learn and embrace AI, let AI penetrate into our daily work for our use, further improve production efficiency and optimize work methods. At the same time, we should pay more attention to With great love, my love extends to my family, employees and society, and guides more people to learn and use AI correctly. This is the primary task we face. "

Chen Yingyi, chairman of Jiatong tire, delivered a keynote speech on "Ai Ai artificial intelligence"

smart tire research and development boosts the smart IOT system

with the advent of AI Artificial Intelligence, automotive and automotive aftermarket industries are facing new innovations and changes. As a leading tire enterprise in the world, Jiatong tire is also actively embracing artificial intelligence and constantly improving its innovation and R & D capabilities. In recent years, based on the actual needs of consumers for safe driving, Jiatong has devoted itself to developing a new RFID smart tire technology. In the production stage, smart chips are implanted into the tires. In the tire use stage, consumers can monitor the tire pressure, stress, temperature, tread depth, speed and other key tire operation data as well as road surface characteristics in real time. When the tire pressure is low, it can automatically alarm and adjust, so as to avoid hidden dangers of tire driving safety, Improve driving active safety prevention

Jiatong adheres to the research and development of tire innovative technology

at the same time, Jiatong integrates various resources, actively develops the intelligent IOT system, connects the three-party platform of vehicle, fleet and professional fleet services through Jiatong cloud computing center, finely manages tire usage, monitors key tire operation data in real time, achieves active safety prevention, scientifically evaluates drivers, improves management efficiency, and reduces tire costs, Help logistics teams further improve transportation and operation efficiency, and truly realize cost reduction and efficiency increase. Jiatong actively builds a shared and win-win logistics model and forms a new logistics sharing ecosystem, so that logistics enterprises can share information, resources, data, transportation capacity and other aspects between industries, so as to improve the logistics efficiency of the whole society

intelligent lean manufacturing creates a world-class factory of automation

Jiatong tire continues to expand its international strategic layout, relies on the globally integrated R & D and production system, further improves the distribution supply chain, and strives to provide global consumers with high-quality tire solutions. All Jiatong factories adhere to the unified ges excellent manufacturing system, combined with quality management, environmental protection and safety production, to create a world-class standard tire manufacturing process, and obtain international authoritative certification. In every production link, Jiatong uses big data to realize quality control. Through MES advanced quality management, it can achieve real-time quality detection, automatic error identification, equipment process adjustment and data sharing analysis, and comprehensively improve the manufacturing process,

Jiatong uses ges excellent manufacturing system to guide the highest standards of all factories.

the recycling of the new jiatongmei composite material located in South Carolina is a major bottleneck restricting the utilization of carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite materials in the field of sports equipment and protective equipment. Composite materials are widely used in automobiles: unlike metal materials, factories in different countries were newly built in October 2017, covering an area of about 1.7 million square feet, It is estimated that 560million US dollars will be invested in the next 10 years. The plant adopts green manufacturing technology to reduce and control pollutant emissions. From design, construction to production, every detail meets the federal tire manufacturing regulations, rubber tire manufacturing process standards and local stringent air quality requirements. At the same time, more than 70% of all production equipment, logistics and storage in American factories are fully automated, greatly improving the efficiency of assembly line production, adopting automatic production and transportation, and using intelligent warehousing system to scientifically manage tire inventory and supply chain

Jiatong's new American factory automation assembly line

the next era of artificial intelligence has begun. Artificial intelligence is not only a revolution in technology, but also will be synchronized with major social and economic changes, educational changes, ideological changes, cultural changes, etc. in the future. As Chen Yingyi, chairman of Jiatong tire, said, "Ai Ai Ai not only helps human beings realize more possibilities, but also reminds us of the ability we must not lose: our innovation and love. We should use AI to create a better life and become a better human being. We should know how to choose and undertake, how to use AI and how to cooperate with AI, which is the love and love of enterprises." There is no doubt that Jiatong tire will also actively embrace artificial intelligence in more fields in the future, work with artificial intelligence to create the future, and create a more loving and safer future world

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