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Huameng Printing Co., Ltd.

Beijing Huameng Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, formerly known as Beijing Yihua plastic lamination factory. With the scientific management and the hard work of all employees, including the joint efforts of the energy field, after 20 years of development and expansion, the production scale has been expanding, so that an unknown small family workshop has developed into a slightly large-scale enterprise with the production capacity of packaging design, printing, film coating, polishing, bronzing, indentation, pasting, die cutting and box pasting. Huameng specializes in producing various medium and high-end packaging products, which are highly praised by users and enjoy a good reputation and reputation in the packaging and printing industry in Beijing. It has provided product packaging services for many well-known enterprises such as CCTV, people's education press, Motorola, Bausch & Lomb, KFC, McDonald's and so on. There used to be a saying in the industry in Beijing: it's hard to find Yihua, which shows the influence of Huameng in the field of printing and packaging. In 1999, Huameng company officially moved to the industrial community of Jiugong Town, Daxing District, Beijing. It has established more extensive exchanges and cooperation with experts and leaders from all walks of life, and has been widely supported by people from all walks of life. Ms. Liu Fen, the founder of Beijing Huameng Printing Co., Ltd., believes that we should first improve our understanding and then find our own market. At present, Huameng has been implementing the strategy of "going out" and carrying out measurement and control system with the outside world and peers: extensive exchanges and contacts, understanding the market situation, understanding the changing needs of the market, pursuing a more perfect industrial structure of the company and promoting its own development. In recent years, the packaging industry has developed gradually. Huameng has had successful experience in printing and packaging production and has a certain number of stable customers. In the future, it will continue to expand its packaging and printing production capacity and provide more perfect packaging and printing services for all walks of life

Huameng has constantly introduced new equipment, improved the original equipment, vigorously recruited professionals, expanded the strength of the company, basically formed a pattern of large-scale production, automated process, standardized operation and modern management, reduced costs, and ensured product quality. The company also firmly grasped the opportunity of national economic structure adjustment and transformation, and the stability of quantity, so that Huameng's products have more competitive strength in domestic and foreign markets. We believe that the future of Huameng will be better

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