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On August 19, 2020, Jiatong tire center store - "jiajiele automobile maintenance" Shanghai Chunshen store welcomed the fourth anniversary, and relevant leaders attended the on-site celebration ceremony. At present, jiajiele is expanding in a prairie fire all over the country. We reviewed the development process of jiajiele since its establishment, and further clarified the direction of Jiatong tire in channel construction

celebrate the fourth anniversary of the opening of jiajiele Chunshen store

accumulated a lot, witnessed the brilliant journey

the aftershocks of Internet + have not subsided, and the impact of the epidemic has risen again. Many traditional stores have not been able to survive the spring of 2020. At present, the new generation of car owners' cognition of car maintenance is becoming more and more rational. Instead of blindly believing in the barbaric pull of capital and blindly relying on the realization of flow, it is better to strengthen the offline user experience in a down-to-earth manner and lay a good foundation for certainty, so as to better take advantage of the situation and leverage, and accumulate in this uncertain era

speaking of jiajiele, it is like a "model room" with standardized operation, and has always played the role of "R & D base" of Jiatong tire retail terminal. The new systems, new tools, new models and new courses developed by the group will be piloted and practiced here first. After trying to operate direct stores for many years, jiajiele has accumulated rich experience in car maintenance, cultivated its own unique secrets and built a professional and standardized technician service team. At present, jiajiele has continuously accumulated precipitation in the market tide, strengthened the comprehensive ability of the store, and continued to drive the tire sales to increase by more than 50%. It has been ranked among the top 100 chain stores in China's automotive aftermarket for four consecutive years, and has spread its branches and leaves in many places across the country

get ready and grasp the opportunity of the times

as early as the beginning of preparation at the end of 2012, Jiatong was thinking about what value Jiele could bring to car owners if the tested materials or parts were relatively rough. At that time, under the traditional post market pattern, the pain points such as opaque retail prices, uneven service quality and poor customer experience were increasingly criticized. Therefore, jiajiele has established its brand commitment to provide professional, convenient and reassuring car maintenance experience and car loving confidant like care and sharing for car lovers

while cultivating offline internal skills, jiajiele has gradually upgraded its more efficient and standardized e-commerce operation and store management system, especially when used in wet construction environment. By expanding online channels, optimizing digital marketing, providing high-quality and convenient services, we seek development with the trend. Jiatong takes the jiajiele central store as the core, expands its successful experience and profit model to more Jiatong star rated stores, embraces the market with an active attitude, and creates smart stores with efficient operation, so as to create higher value for retail owners, achieve better profits, and promote the jiajiele signboard service experience to all parts of the country, enabling channels. At the same time, we will continue to optimize and establish industry standardized operation processes, set unified technician training and certification standards, and ensure the standardized operation and high-quality service of central stores around the country

we have walked through the fourth anniversary of jiajiele

all the time, Jiatong tire has thoroughly implemented the channel construction, accelerated the service upgrading, and ensured that each retail service point is not only the supply terminal of products, but also an important carrier of services. Jiatong is committed to using the terminal advantage platform to meet the needs of car owners for the specialization and convenience of the automotive aftermarket, so that products and services are within reach

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