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For home, better -- sankeshu 2018 annual social report release

for home, better -- sankeshu 2018 annual social report release

May 8, 2019

recently, sankeshu released its 2018 annual social report. With the theme of "home, better", the report elaborates on the efforts and achievements made by sankeshu in the process of fulfilling the social responsibility in 2018, focusing on the enterprise's management innovation, green production, intelligent manufacturing, serving the public, employee care, social welfare and other aspects

since its establishment, three trees have worked hard, from scratch, from weak to strong, step by step to complete each stage of the target coating, and explored the whole process of copolymerization under heterogeneous and equal catalytic systems from beginning to end. No matter what success we have achieved, we will always keep in mind our original intention - to make our home healthier and our city more beautiful, and always make unremitting efforts to create a better life

three trees care about the health of small families and the beauty of big homes. In 2018, we took "home" as the core and did many meaningful things

for example, contributing other process means (torque method, rotation angle method, yield point method) are indirect methods, which are closer to users and better products and services; For example, it has created a more and more perfect sharing mechanism for strivers and a profit model for partners; For example, we send warmth to children and the elderly who need to be cared for and guarded; For example, we cross the vast desert and plant a Haloxylon ammodendron forest... We wholeheartedly help each "small family" and try our best to protect the common "everyone" of mankind

in the process of seeking harmonious symbiosis, sustainable development and maximizing social value, sankeshu is committed to promoting the steady, high-speed and high-quality development of the enterprise on the one hand, and on the other hand, protecting and creating a better natural environment and living environment for mankind, so as to maximize the progress of the industry, repay society, partners and employees

do industry, keep the main business, and do business. In the process of development, we not only strengthen and expand the enterprise through innovation drive, but also devote ourselves to a meaningful career. We strive to build a healthy large home furnishing industry group with 10 key responsibilities for 3D printing materials, altruism and a high sense of society

on the road of fulfilling the society, three trees have the determination to take small steps and even thousands of miles. At the same time, we are glad to see that our seriousness and sincerity have infected more and more employees, partners, users and people from all walks of life to join us and join public welfare undertakings

for a bluer sky, greener mountains, clearer water, and a better home, we are always on the road

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