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Ningsheng enterprise management group: Science and technology help 2019 AI climb the peak again

Ningsheng enterprise management group: Science and technology help 2019 AI climb the peak again

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original title: Ningsheng aero engine accounts for 4.8% enterprise management group: Science and technology help 2019 AI climb the peak again

2019, for the field of artificial intelligence, It is a year of opportunities and challenges: with the strong inclination of national policies and the key support of local governments' policies, artificial intelligence will gain further development and market penetration at the application level; Open source is still one of the practice trends of the industry and industry giants; Investment institutions prefer start-ups with application scenarios, potential profit points and mature products, and focus on ecological investment

in 2018, AI has been ahead of technology. Whether Google, Facebook, Alibaba Baidu and other technology giants who go deep into AI through industrial layout, or various innovative technology-based enterprises that started with AI, they are constantly promoting the development of global AI power. Ning has many favorable conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export. Sheng enterprise management group predicts that the landing of science and technology in 2019 will continue to be the core of artificial intelligence. In addition to the continuous expansion and field application of speech recognition and computer vision technology, there will also be an enhanced trend in artificial intelligence chips, machine universal material testing machines, computer-controlled all digital broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve learning, neural networks, etc. At the same time, 2019 is expected to be the first year of the development of AI assistants. From simple inquiry and communication with AI assistants to continuous complex operations, AI will show us the power and practicality of these tools. The explosion of artificial intelligence in the application layer requires a breakthrough in the basic layer technology, mainly the development of algorithms, computing power and data, while technology needs the support of basic theory

the research of basic theory requires time accumulation and precipitation. Ningsheng Enterprise Management Group believes that the development of artificial intelligence in the technical dimension in 2019 is more an innovation in existing technologies, and the highlight lies in the integrated application with other existing technologies such as big data, IOT and cloud computing, so as to strengthen the commercial value efficiency and effect of industrial applications. Taking the financial industry as an example, the further combination of AI technology and big data technology in the fields of credit risk control, intelligent investment advisers and so on has 4) durability measurement helps more AI technologies, such as knowledge mapping, unsupervised machine learning or deep learning

in recent years, the development of artificial intelligence has been accompanied by the synchronous development of other advanced technologies, such as big data, IOT, cloud computing, etc., especially with the mining and application of a large number of domestic data, artificial intelligence will deeply penetrate into many industries. In 2019, AI will continue to develop in the g-end government and b-end enterprise scenarios, and gradually sink and refine from top to bottom. With the development of 5g, IOT will also make significant progress in 2019. At present, smart home, smart speakers, smart travel, wearable devices and so on, which have entered our lives, are all popular applications of IOT at present. In the future, the market of IOT is exploding on a large scale, and the application scenarios are deepening and expanding. People will further feel the convenience and interest of technology

open source of mature technology will be one of the trends of AI development in 2019. The trend of open source has appeared in relevant technology fields in 2018, especially the mature technology toolkit open source from some domestic and foreign technology giants. Recent relevant industry cases include Facebook's release of pytorch 1.0 and the open source of the first full convolution speech recognition toolkit, Alibaba's open source super large-scale computing framework Mars and real-time computing platform blink on GitHub, Baidu's open source edge computing openedge, etc. We believe that open source is still one of the development trends in 2019, which is conducive to stimulating innovation and industry development

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